Output Movement is on sale for £41 at Thomann

Image Credit: Dribbble

Movement is a multi-effects plugin that distinguished Output has a major plugin developer. Now you can get it for just £41!

Output Movement is on sale for its lowest price ever a £41, reports Gear News. The plugin has a fun and interactive approach that allows you to insert multiple creative effects into your channels. At this price, it’s very hard to say no to such a quality plugin.

Output Movement

As we said, Output Movement is a multi-effects plugin. Inside the plugin, you can combine both effects and modulation and create motion and rhythms for your sounds. Movement features four modulation sources – sidechain, flux, LFO, and step modulation – and two effects engines. Additionally, it’s a pretty easy plugin to get to grips with and create a range of effects synchronised to your tempo.

Each engine features four individual effect slots where you can insert creative effects like a delay, distortion, and a filter in addition to more practical effects like an EQ and compressor. Whatsmore is the selection of over 300 presets that empower you to jump right in.

Output Movement has an easy to use drag & drop interface. All you need do is drag a modulation source onto a destination parameter – and that’s it. Its X/Y pad allows you to automate between different effects at once and morph the results too!

Honestly, for £41 we think Movement is too good to say no to. It’s hours of fun and full of creative inspiration.

Features and functions:

  • Adds rhythms to every input signal in real-time
  • More than 300 presets
  • Modulation of any parameters with each rhythm in real-time
  • Rhythmic modulations via sidechain, LFO and step sequencer
  • Flux and Randomizer
  • Sidechain modulation of arbitrary parameters
  • Effects like Filter, EQ, Compressor, Delay, Reverb and Distortion
  • XY pad

System requirements

Output Movement is compatible with Windows 7+ and macOS 10.7+. The plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. As of yet, Output doesn’t offer M1 native compatibility with any of its plugins.

Finally, the free Output Hub application is where you can take care of all online authorization. And if you want to try it before you buy there is a free demo version that you can download from the Output website.

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Technivation T-Compressor: multiple compressors in one with four compressor modes

Image Credit: Techivation

Techivation launches T-Compressor, an easy-to-use serial compression plugin with multiple compressor modes for your music productions.

British plugin developer Techivation has released T-Compressor. The launch of T-Compressor is the second major launch for Techivation since T-De-Esser Pro which is a free de-esser plugin for taming harch sibilances in vocals.

T-Compressor features multiple compressor modes and a serial chain.
T-Compressor, Image Credit: Techivation

Techivation T-Compressor

What makes T-Compressor somewhat unique are the multiple compressors it features – boasting three compressors in one plugin! As a result, you can insert just one instance of a T-Compressor and create a self-sufficient serial compression chain. The plugin is designed with shaping the dynamics of any signal in a creative way in mind.

Image Credit: Techivation

At the top of the interface sits a bypass switch, a switch that allows you to choose which of the three compresses in the chain you want to work with, and an A/B test selection.

For accurate level monitoring, T-Compressor features a VU meter (Volume Unit) which is often more accurate than a peak meter. This is the case because a volume unit is a metering tool that provides a calculated estimate of how loud a channel/bus/signal actually is in relation to how we naturally perceive loudness. However, the VU meter can be switched to a digital graph representation with a toggle switch.

Techivation T-Compressor is a versatile compressor plugin with a VU meter, generic compressor controls, four compressor modes and a serial chain of up to 3 compressors.
Image Credit: Techivation

Below the level meter sits four switches that allow you to choose between different compression modes. These include Clean, Crispy, Warm, and Thick. Here is a description of the different modes by Technivation:

  • Clean – The compressor sounds fully transparent when the “Clean” mode is selected. 
  • Crispy – This mode adds more brightness and unique colour to the sound.
  • Warm – It adds warmth and an analog vibe to the sound when selected.
  • Thick – This mode helps make the sound more open and three-dimensional, as well as bringing dull sounds to life.

Finally, beneath the mode selection sits a simple attack, threshold, compression amount knob, and makeup gain control.

Serial compression

Serial compression is fantastic for applying specific dynamic range adjustments without over-compressing them. For example, you can dial in subtle compression settings across 4 different compressors rather than applying lots of compression with one. Now, T-Compressor empowers you to make essential compression decisions with a level of creativity that gives your sound a unique flare.

T-Compressor allows you to add up to 3 compressor instances in the same plug-in unit and have full control over 3 of them on a single plug-in window! You can choose through them like a web browser and quickly make adjustments.
Image Credit: Techivation

T-Compressor allows you to add up to 3 compressor instances in the same plug-in unit and have full control over 3 of them on a single plug-in window! You can choose through them like a web browser and quickly make adjustments.


Price and availability

You can download T-Compressor right now, and it’s compatible with Mac OS X 10.11, macOS 11.6, and Windows 7+ as a 32 and 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin, in addition to 64-bit AAX. The plugin is available now at an introductory price of $39. When the introductory sale ends, the regular price will be $49.

If you want to try it before you buy, don’t forget to download the fully functional free 14-day trial.

Behringer’s SPACE FX: 32 different effects for $49

Image Credit: Synthtopia

SPACE FX is the latest of Behringer’s Eurorack modules to hit the scene.

Sound design enthusiasts can never have enough effects. After all, they’re a tool that enables us to add polish or more depth and space to our sounds. But the use of effects is far from limited to just music producers and sound designers. Effects put instruments in “real spaces” and the music we listen to every day wouldn’t be the same without them. Enter: Behringer SPACE FX.

Behringer SPACE FX Eurorack module

The Behringer SPACE FX Eurorack module is a 24-bit stereo effects unit. Powered by Klark Teknik technology, the module features 32 different effect algorithms and three adjustable parameters across every effect. Furthermore, the SPACE FX module allows for effect combinations and time-based synchronisation via a “tap tempo” feature.

SPACE FX features no CV (control voltage) input for power, effect control or sync. As a result, Behringer’s new effect module is far more affordable than many Eurorack modules. The tap tempo is useful for the purpose it serves, but a clock input would be more useful where time sync is of the essence in a Eurorack.

Behringer SPACE FX features no CV (control voltage) input for power, meaning the module is entirely digital. As a result, Behringer's new effect module has a simple interface. The tap tempo is useful for the purpose it serves, but a Clock input may be more useful for time-based effects in a Eurorack.
Image Credit: Gear News

However, SPACE FX does offer a wide array of effects. For example, there are up to 15 different reverbs with rooms, chambers, halls, plates and spring reverbs. Additionally, there are eight different delays and modulation effects such as echo, chorus, flanger, phaser, in addition to clipper distortion, an LFO-filter and pitch-shifting – and more! The “FX ON/OFF” present in the video has been replaced with a High/Low input level switch. As a result, it should run effectively within a Eurorack and as a line level input effect!

Watching the announcement video, it’s clear to see that Behringer wanted to make a multi-purpose Eurorack module that saves you the cost of buying multiple modules with similar effects. “The price adds up when you’re getting individual delays, reverbs or any general effects module. Not everyone has the money for it, and sometimes you simply don’t have the space.”

Price and availability

Though Behringer has given no release date, the SPACE FX module will go on sale for as little as $49.

Find out more about the Behringer SPACE FX Eurorack module here.

Yamaha AG series: USB microphones and mixing consoles for streamers

Image Credit: Yamaha

The Yamaha AG03 and AG06 compact mixers have been upgraded with exciting features and connectivity options fit for streaming. New additions to the AG series are the YCM01 condenser and the AG01 USB microphones too.

Yamaha’s new AG series offers app-controllable compact mixers and microphones that both content creators and musicians can use to stream online. Live streaming has become a major form of online entertainment, and so Yamaha wanted to make new gear to make the processes of streaming all the easier. Whether it’s a visual stream on YouTube Live, Twitch or solely audio-based streams like podcasts, the Yamaha AG03 & AG06 compact mixers, AG01 and YCM01 USB microphones present functional tools that allow you to stream at any time.

Yamaha AG03MK2 and AG06MK2

AG03M2 & AG06M2 connectivity is solely USB C. Whether to a laptop, PC, smartphone, or tablet, you can run the AG mixers straight into streaming software by selecting the built-in audio interface from OBS or Twitch!

Both the AG03MK2 and AG06M2 mixers feature 3.5mm aux inputs for connecting external sources, and output jacks for gaming headsets. However, only the AG06 features two XLR/jack combo inputs whereas the AG03 only has one. Both the AG03 and AG06 combo inputs use 48V phantom power too. However, the AG03 has three line inputs with 6.3 mm jacks. On both the 03 & 06 models, most inputs can be switched to line inputs via a toggle switch. Furthermore, A Hi-Z switch allows you to convert one of the line inputs for electric guitars. Additionally, you can mute any channel when necessary!

Both the AG03MK2 and AG06M2 mixers feature 3.5mm aux inputs for connecting external sources, and output jacks for gaming headsets. However, only the AG06 features two XLR/jack combo inputs whereas the AG03 only has one. Both the AG03 and AG06 combo inputs use 48V phantom power too. However, the AG03 has three line inputs with 6.3 mm jacks. On both the 03 & 06 models, most inputs can be switched to line inputs via a toggle switch. Furthermore, A Hi-Z switch allows you to convert one of the line inputs for electric guitars. Additionally, you can mute any channel when necessary!
Image Credit: Yamaha

Both models feature an unbalanced RCA and balanced 1/4″ jack monitor outputs, in addition to a headphone jack. One cool addition to these upgraded compact mixers is the input for a footswitch. This removes all need for using your hands while performing live!

The AG06 MK2 features the same upgrades but has additional inputs. Two XLR/jack combo inputs, two Hi-Z jack inputs, and two RCA inputs. An integrated DSP chip provides makes effects like reverb possible too! Finally, both compact mixers support up to 192 kHz 24-bit A2D conversion.

AG Mobile App

The free AG mobile app allows you to control these effects accurately, as well as adjust the input settings too. You can choose between a “Simple” or “Detail” mode, where the “Simple” mode uses simpler settings.

"Simple" mode lets you choose if your mic is a dynamic or condenser, in addition to other settings like selecting your vocal range.
Image Credit: Yamaha

For example, you can choose if your mic is a dynamic or condenser, in addition to other settings like selecting your vocal range. However, “Detail” mode allows you to manually play with EQ settings!

"Detail" mode allows you to manually play with EQ settings.
Image Credit: Yamaha

Yamaha YCM01 and AG01: condenser microphone and USB microphone

The new YCM01 condenser microphone is all about live streaming. Via its USB connection, it sends the analog signal straight to the mixer. However, it’s definitely a podcast microphone as it can isolate your voice – even if you’re in noisy environments.

The AG01, though, has a built-in A2D converter and can plug straight into devices like smartphones and tablets. And there are integrated effects, but they require a power bank connected to the 5-volt input.

Price and availability

You can get the AG03MK2 and AG06MK2 in either black or white from May 2022. However, the YCM01 and AG01 will be available in black and white from June 2022.

The AG03MK2 will cost $216 and the AG06MK2 will cost $265. Furthermore, the YCM01 condenser microphone will cost $150 and the AG01 USB microphone will cost $363.

But the AG03MK2 LSPK bundle includes the AG03 compact mixer, YH-MT1 high-fidelity headphones and AG01 USB condenser microphone. The bundle will cost $482.

The Teenage Engineering TX-6 handheld mixer: packing more than a punch

Image Credit: Teenage Engineering

Teenage Engineering introduces the TX-6 mixer. Small enough to be handheld, the TX-6 Mixer also features a built-in synth, an instrument tuner, digital effects, a drum machine, and sequencer functionality too!

This small music tech gadget is really something to behold. After all, many synthesizers and drum machines are ten times the size of the TX-6 mixer. The Roland TR-8 is far bigger, and limited-channel mixers are often double the size too. Well, it’s all in a day’s work for Teenage Engineering.

You can connect the TX-6 via USB-C connection to iOS hardware  like MacBooks!
Image Credit: Teenage Engineering

Comparable to larger units, but with even more tech packed into one sturdy little machine.

Teenage Engeineering

Teenage Engineering TX-6

You can control the TX-6 with its USB-C connection through external MIDI devices, or even iOS hardware too. The unit features six stereo inputs and two outputs, in addition to a headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity.

Though the onboard display is, of course, only a small 48×64-pixel monochrome panel, Teenage Engineering state that you’ll get eight hours of battery life from the TX-6 mixer! And those 8 hours will be very handy to make use of all the tech that’s inside. For example, you can mix 6 stereo input channels at once while using tempo sync to keep everything in time. But that’s before you even start to play with the internal synthesizer, drum-synth, or its built-in tuner!

The TX–6 functions as a portable synthesizer and sequencer with 4 oscillator waveforms and 4 synthesized drum sounds. And you can use effects such as reverb, delay, tape, chorus, filter, and distortion. Furthermore, each channel has a three-band eq and adjustable compressor!

You can connect the TX-6 via USB-C connection to iOS hardware  like iPhones!
Image Credit: Teenage Engineering

If the onboard features aren’t enough in a studio setting, you can use the TX–6 as a 12 channel audio interface and connect to any daw over USB-C! Additionally, you can turn the TX–6 on its side and use it as a DJ mixer too. Convert channel 1 into a fader and crossfade between channels 5 and 6 as a DJ would fade/cut between the two.

Finally, you can use a 3.5 mm aux to output your signal or use the included 6.35 mm jack to a 3.5 mm mini-jack adapter.  

Price and availability

You can get the TX-6 now for $1,199. Though pricey, the amount of onboard features is sure to be very attractive for many.

Cableguys Kickstart 2: Sidechain your tracks with ease

Sidechaining in music production is like butter to bread. From ducking bass when a kick triggers or more creative sidechaining, you’ll find the technique in every song – especially in EDM.

Forged in the digital labs of developer Cableguys and producer Nicky Romero, Kickstart 2 is the upgraded version of the renowned Kickstart plugin, reports Gear News.

Kickstart 2

Kickstart 2 delivers on the intent of Nicky Romero and Cableguys to feature all necessary functionality and tools for sidechaining in just one easy to use plugin. As a result, we need only place Kickstart 2 on any of our tracks and the plugin will duck the volume under our kick drum! With appropriate settings in the right places, Kickstart 2 enables us to create interesting rhythms and deliver impact in our music.

But in its first iteration, Kickstart presented just adjustable volume envelopes for avoiding low-frequency overlap. Now, Kickstart 2 travels beyond its previous limits. Kickstart 2 presents the ability to follow the transients of both a one-shot and loops! Not just one-shot kick drums, but whole breakbeats and drum machine loops too. This is made possible by the upgraded volume envelope. The envelope adapts itself to the volume of your input signal automatically and precisely adjusts the level of your sidechain. Finally, the multiband parameter is another new feature that allows us to select the frequency range in which our sidechain effect will apply.

For ease of use, a real-time visualizer allows you to see how Kickstart 2 is affecting your signal.

If you’ve ever asked an electronic music producer what plugins they love the most, the chances are that at least one was developed by Cableguys. In short, this is because Cableguys plugins simplify everyday processes, present exciting tools that generate new ideas, and make life generally easier inside a DAW. Cableguys plugins are very popular among producers not only because they build on familiar concepts, but they serve some niche needs that we didn’t know we had!

Price and availability

You can get Kickstart 2 today for just $16. However, owners of version 1 can upgrade for just $5 here. It’s compatible with macOS 10.9+ and Windows 7+ in 64-bit VST, VST3, AAX and AU formats. If you’re not sold just yet, a demo version is available on the website in addition to tutorials.

Softube Transient Shaper: get it for less than £10 at Plugin Boutique

Get Softube Transient Shaper for £8.28 until May 1st on Plugin Boutique – save £65.45!

A transient shaper is one tool that a music producer can’t do without. After all, shaping transients allows you to dictate how a sound will sit in your mix. With the excellence that Softube consistently delivers, this is not a sale you want to miss. Let’s talk about Softube Transient Shaper and why you need it.

Softube Transient Shaper

Whether for drums, percussion, a lead synth or other instrument, Softube Transient Shaper allows you to manipulate any sound that requires some refinement. Transients are short bursts of energy at the start of any sound, so emphasising or minimising them allows you to dictate how much impact a sound has when it triggers.

Transient Shaper has dual-band operation and you can select the crossover frequency where the two bands meet. Furthermore, Clip and Punch controls allow you to emphasize the impact of your sound and add creative clipping to your sound. These controls are great for adding punch to your drums and instruments, highlighting your treble frequencies, and more.

Softube Transient Shaper has been on the market for quite some time. As a result, it’s been tested and approved by studio professionals here, there, and everywhere. You can rest assured that you’ll find tremendous value in this £10 deal because Softube consistently updates its products too.

Price and compatibility

Transient Shaper is compatible with 64-bit VST/VST3, AU and AAX compatible DAWs. Below are the system requirements, provided by PluginDeals.Net:

  • Mac OS X 10.13 up to OS 12 (older OS versions will not work) (64-bit only).
  • Windows 10 (older Windows versions may work but are not tested) (Windows 11 Pending) (64-bit only).
  • Mac: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon – Full Apple silicon support (M1 or higher).
  • Windows: Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 / Xeon / AMD Quad-Core or newer.
  • Screen resolution 1280×800 or larger.
  • Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz, in both mono and stereo.
  • 8 GB RAM or more is recommended, as well as at least 8 GB hard disk space for installation
  • Softube account is required to register and install the software.
  • An iLok account is required for authorisation of the software.
  • Internet access for downloading installer and managing licenses.
  • iLok generation 2 and up, if using a physical iLok dongle (iLok dongle is not a requirement)

You can grab Softube Transient Shaper now until May 1st for £8.28 at Plugin Boutique.

How to get six months of Spotify Premium for free with Walmart+

Image Credit: Spotify

Spotify partner with Walmart to offer Walmart+ members with six month of free Premium streaming on the most popular music platform.

The membership from the American retail giant, Walmart+ offers subscribers free shipping, early access to shop special promotions and events, discounted prescriptions and gas, and more. Now, new and existing Walmart+ members can try six months of Spotify Premium, free of charge. Spotify Premium grants streamers access to ad-free and on-demand listening with unlimited skips across devices, as well as offline playback.

Individual Spotify Premium subscriptions usually offer one-month free. This special promotional offer is only available to those who haven’t tried Spotify Premium before. After the free period, Spotify subscriptions will continue for $9.99 per month. Walmart+ subscriptions are $12.95 per month or $98 per year. The offer is redeemable through May 7, 2023. Start your six-month free trial here.

By tapping into Walmart’s impressive scale and reach, we have a unique opportunity to bring the best in audio content to more people across the U.S. We are always looking to collaborate closely with partners who share our passion for helping more listeners connect with their favorite artists. That is why teaming up with Walmart felt like a perfect fit, and we’re thrilled to be able to work together to bring additional entertainment to Walmart+ members.

Marc Hazan, VP Premium Partnerships and Business Development, Spotify

Now you’re all set with Spotify Premium, upload your own music there for free with RouteNote.

This free sampler has 30 abstract pads for ambient and new age music or even film scores

Image Credit: SampleScience

Abstract Crystal Pads from SampleScience is loaded with royalty-free samples, from soft, shimmering hums, to large orchestral pads.

Abstract Crystal Pads is full of 24-bit, WAV, royalty-free abstract pads, meaning you can use them in your commercial projects. The sampler is available in various different forms depending on your sample player of choice. All versions feature a minimal UI and run efficiently.

Plugin version:

  • 30 abstract pads
  • Multi-LFO
  • Room reverb
  • Lowpass/highpass filter
  • Low-CPU usage
  • Amplitude range controls
  • 3 voice modes: polyphonic, monophonic, and legato

The Decent Sampler version, available for the latest version of Decent Sampler, has the same sounds as the plugin version, but different effects and sound-shaping capabilities. The Reason ReFill version, available for Reason 12 and up or Reason+, contains 30 combinators with an EQ and a delay. The Kontakt version, available for the latest version of Kontakt 5/6, includes an amplitude and filter ADSRs, plus delay, reverb and chorus.

The plugin version of SampleScience Abstract Crystal Pads
Image Credit: SampleScience

The plugin version is available in VST, VST, AAX, AU, AUv3 and standalone formats, on Windows 8.1/10, macOS El Capitan to Mojave (not compatible with Catalina and up), Linux and iOS. Your system must be 64-bit, 2GHz quad-core CPU or better, and 4GB of RAM or more. Head here, choose the version you want, enter any amount (including zero) into the donation box, then click I want this!. All you’ll need to enter is your email address.

Check out more free plugins from SampleScience, such as Resonance, Cassette Roads and Analog Waveforms Ds.

This free Ableton Live piano and synth pack is perfect for EDM, pop, house, hip-hop and cinematic music

Image Credit: Abletunes

Abletunes FOUNDATION: KEYS is a 2GB collection of 25 multi-sampled piano/synth racks designed for contemporary music production.

As with all of Abletunes’ projects, FOUNDATION: KEYS is full of expertly crafted, ready-to-use, modern instruments, that sound great out of the box, to help producers focus on creative ideas instead of tweaking knobs and stacking plugins. “By using only Ableton Live instruments and effects we were able to build great-sounding lightweight instrument racks that load instantly, are extremely stable and smooth, and have low CPU usage.” These piano racks are curated to really shine in EDM, pop, house, hip-hop and cinematic music. Check out the video below for a demo.

FOUNDATION: KEYS combines multi-samples from four different acoustic pianos, FM synth and advanced processing, providing you with a wide palette of piano and synth sounds. Most of the racks have three or more velocity layers for great dynamic range and a realistic feel.

All instruments included:

  • Upright Piano I – clean upright piano.
  • Upright Piano II – another clean upright piano.
  • Grand Piano – clean Steinway piano.
  • Old Grand Piano – clean Kawai piano.
  • Upright Piano Modern – bright and sharp piano designed to cut through the busy Pop and EDM mixes.
  • Grand Piano Modern – good ol’ grand piano processed to sound good in modern music.
  • RM Children – beautiful piano designed to capture the sounds of melodic 90’s dance music.
  • Lo Fi – wavy, slightly detuned and filtered piano for your lo fi productions.
  • Gloomy – distant sounding and filtered piano for cinematic production.
  • Moody – inspiring and nostalgic piano that will fit any genre.
  • Clavisynth – classic FM Clavisynth sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.
  • FM Piano – bright FM piano sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.
  • Electric Piano – 80’s flavored mellow and phasing piano sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.
  • Nostalgie – nostalgic piano for lo fi and cinematic productions.
  • Cassette – warm piano with tape cassette emulation processing.
  • Underwater – dark and heavily processed piano for cinematic and Hip Hop productions.
  • Reminiscence – the unique sound design makes this piano sound nostalgic and modern at the same time.
  • 90s House Piano – club-ready piano massively inspired by the sound of 90’s dance music.
  • House Piano II – same as above, but with a bit different tone.
  • In Da House – perfect sample-based synth for classic House and Deep House chords. Features 8 additional macro controls for complete control over the sound.
  • House Drive – another variation of sample-based House synth. Features 8 additional macro controls.
  • House Cat – more aggressive sounding sample-based synth for Progressive House and Techno productions. Features 8 additional macro controls.
  • Hybrid Dance Piano – bright and sharp piano inspired by the classic M1 piano sound.
  • Smoothie Keys – it sounds smooth, but it can sound bright and driving with a turn of a few macro controls.
  • House E Piano – bright blend of acoustic and electric piano for House music productions.

Abletunes FOUNDATION: KEYS is compatible with the latest version of Ableton Live (Suite or Standard) and requires no 3rd party plugins. The instruments come with handy Macro Controls for effects and rack specific parameters. You can download the lot, entirely free of charge. Simply head here, enter your name and email address, and tick the Marketing permission box. You can unsubscribe from marketing emails at any point. Return to Abletunes soon for FOUNDATION: STRINGS.