Thenatan release Tape Piano 2, a lo-fi piano-keys VST, for just $29.50

Image Credit: Thenatan

Suited for lo-fi, chill and hip-hop music, Thenatan Tape Piano 2’s intro price is currently discounted by $50.

The update to the popular Tape Piano VST is lighter, faster and packed with more features than its predecessor. Bring lo-fi keys with all of the powerful tools you need right into your DAW.

Key Features:

  • 4 Samplers, Each with, filters, envelopes, reverse, pan, stereo width, and tuning.
  • Texture Layer can load samples, drag and drop onto the sampler or select from the Bonus Pack That shipped With your Tape Piano.
  • Delve deeper into the sound design by assigning Mod Envelopes / LFOs to almost any control.
  • Two Master Filters with 10 popular filter models for each one.
  • FX Modules ( Algorithmic, Convolution Reverb – Stereo Delay – Soft & Hard Distortion – 8Bit Degrader – 2 Band Phaser – Compressor – Gate – Surgical Eq. )
  • Scaler With 17 Popular Scales.
  • Over 200, Categorised & Diverse Factory presets + Tapex 1 Presets. (Shareable Patches)
  • Preset Randomizer.
  • Modulation Matrix Page with sources and targets all over the instrument.
  • Surgical EQ is designed to instantly deliver clean and transparent EQ to your tracks
  • Highly Compressed Sample Library ( Tape Piano 2 Is Only 300 M.b On Your Disk. )
  • Fully resizable Vector / HD interface.
  • Get inspired with Realistic Reels & Raining Animations.
  • Large output meters And peak level readout.
  • 4 Octave Piano keyboard and ±24 Transpose Control.
  • Undo / Redo Controls.
Image Credit: Thenatan

The plugin is available on 32 & 64-bit Windows 7 or later as a VST or VST3 plugin, and 64-bit macOS 10.9.5 or later as a VST, VST3 or AU plugin. You’ll need at least 4GB of RAM and 2GB of space. Note, there’s no AAX plugin, so Tape Piano 2 won’t work on Pro Tools.

Tape Piano 2 is usually $79.50, but is currently 63% off as a special intro sale. Users of Tape Piano 1 can upgrade for just $15. To request an upgrade, contact Thenatan with the subject “Upgrade TP2”. Find Tape Piano 2 for $29.50 across Thenatan, Producer Spot, ADSR Sounds and KVR Audio.

For more discounted plugins from Thenatan, download this Drake plugin for just $12.50.

Sound like Drake with this discounted plugin – 75% off, currently $12.50!

Image Credit: Thenatan

This effect plugin from Thenatan gives you that 40/Drake underwater sound, perfect for producing downtempo hip-hop and R&B beats.

Have you been looking to replicate the sound of Drake and his producer 40’s downtempo beats? Underwater FX Plug-In by Thenatan, currently on sale, may be the perfect tool for you.

The plugin features three effects in one, including smooth LP & HP filters (Filter), lo-fi degrade unit (Redux), and a special distortion algorithm (Drive). To get started, simply turn down the Filter knob, then tweak the Redux and Drive dials.

  • “Low-Cut Switch” Cuts Everything under 80 Hz
  • “Filter Knob” Modeled Filter Unit With A Very Smooth Resonance
  • “Slopes Menu” 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 60 / 72 And 96 dB Slope Settings
  • “Redux Knob” Lo-Fi degrade unit 
  • “Drive Knob” Special Algorithm Distortion  
  • “Master Output Knob”
  • “Automation”
  • “Audio Visualizer – Animations – Hair Colors And A Lot Of Tears”
Image Credit: Thenatan

The plugin is compatible with most major DAWs on 32 & 64-bit Windows 7 or above in VST and VST3 format, and 64-bit macOS 10.9.5 or above in AU, VST, VST3 formats. You’ll need at least 4GB of RAM and 2GB of space. Note the plugin is not available in AAX so won’t work with Pro Tools. Usually $50, Underwater FX Plug-In is currently just $12.50 on Thenatan, Producer Spot and ADSR Sounds.

Get UJAM HUSTLE 2 free – the perfect trap and grime beatmaker

Image Credit: UJAM

HUSTLE 2 from UJAM is a virtual beatmaker designed for bass music genres, free with any purchase on ADSR Sounds until October 31st.

HUSTLE 2 is a virtual beatmaker inspired by the Roland TR-808 for bass music genres such as trap, grime and dirty south. The plugin will help you craft the perfect beat with booming bass drums, frantic hi-hats and gritty snares.

The frustration-free interface is loaded with over 60 style, 10 kits and customizable presets to help you get started. Combine kits, presets and controls such as filter sweeps and ambience to craft your own unique sound. Simply tell HUSTLE 2 what part of the song your want to play, be it the intro, verse or chorus, and the plugin will guide you to the perfect sound for the moment. The Bass Tune feature ensures your fills, kicks and grooves are perfectly in tune.

HUSTLE version 2 brings twice the styles, patterns and drum kits, MIDI drag and drop to DAW, multiple audio outputs, and a mastering section that includes Sweep, Saturate, Maximize, Multi-band EQ and Ambience.

Usually $69, HUSTLE 2 is free with any paid purchase on ADSR Sounds until 31st October. Head to ADSR Sounds, add any paid product to your cart, then tick the box on checkout to add the plugin to your cart. Get it alongside top products such as Sunny Reggaeton from Rainbow Sounds for just $7.79. HUSTLE 2 is available as VST 2, AU 2 and AAX for Windows 7 or later and macOS 10.11 or later. The plugin is compatible on 64-bit computers with at least 4GB of RAM and 110MB of space. Find a free trial on UJAM here.

UJAM Hustle 2
Image Credit: ADSR Sounds

Apple’s AirPods Max are currently $60 off on Amazon

Image Credit: Apple

Grab one of the best pairs of everyday, over-ear, ANC, Bluetooth headphones on Amazon for $489, 11% off the usual $549 price.

With excellent sound quality, active noise cancellation, spatial audio and other smart features, Apple’s AirPods Max are about the best pair of wireless headphones for Apple users, however their usual price tag is a little hard to swallow for most. AirPods Max launched in December last year for $549, but Amazon currently have them listed for $489 – $499 depending on the colour you choose. Space Gray, Silver, Green and Sky Blue models are $489, while the Pink option will cost you can extra $10.

If you’re not fussed about picking them up brand new and want to save a few extra dollars, Amazon are also selling the headphones as ‘Renewed’. These pre-owned AirPods Max have been inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers, and work and look like new, with over 80% the original battery capacity, plus a 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. Prices for the Renewed headphones are as follows:

  • Silver: $418.61
  • Pink: $419.99
  • Space Gray: $439.81
  • Green: $439.99
  • Sky Blue: $452.44

GATELAB from Audiomodern is a free creative gate sequencer plugin

Create, edit and animate your own gate sequencer patterns to deliver endless rhythmic effects with GATELAB.

Audiomodern’s GATELAB is a creative gate sequencer, volume modulation generator and more, that randomizes a unique combination of parameters. Chop up any audio signal through music creation features to generate fresh new ideas, from pulsing sequences to complex rhythmic chaos. GATELAB can also send MIDI data, allowing you to control or randomize parameters in other plugins.


  • VST/VST3/AU/AAX/iOS & Standalone
  • Generate Gate Sequences in real-time
  • Syncs to Host tempo
  • Wet/Dry mix control
  • MIDI Controllable
  • Infinity Mode
  • Quick Load presets
  • 64 bit Compatible
  • Instant/Tap Bypass for live performance
  • Gate/Flow modes
  • Disintegration & Grow modes
  • Customizable Sequence Range
  • MIDI Output
  • No Two Patterns will Ever be the Same

Audiomodern’s free plugin is available on Windows 7 or higher, macOS 10.12 or higher, iPad and iPhone. Sign in or create an Audiomodern account to download on desktop. Head to the App Store to download on iOS.

This free Orchestral Mega Pack includes everything you need to start producing epic orchestral music and more

Image Credit: W. A. Production

Usually worth $129.20, W. A. Production are offering Orchestral Mega Pack for free with any purchase until October 2nd.

Make prestine sounding classical, orchestral and cinematic compositions for next to nothing. Orchestral Mega Pack is a bundle containing six of W. A. Production’s top selling audio sample packs, plus two courses to teach you everything your need to know about orchestral music production and music theory. The packs are each full of brass, woodwind, percussion, string and orchestral one hits, loops, contruction kits and more. With huge sounding horns and percussions, Orchestral Mega Pack is also great for EDM, trap and house music too.

The Mega Pack contains: Acoustic House, Acoustic House Vol 2, Orchestral EDM, Epic Horns, Acoustic Percussion For EDM & Trap, Epic Orchestral Essentials, Music Theory From the Top, and Orchestral Course By Evan Rogers.

Orchestral Mega Pack is free with any purchase on W. A. Production until October 2nd. This is a fantastic deal, with products on the site for as little as $3.

Here’s everything you get with Orchestral Mega Pack:

  • 28 Construction Kits (+ MIDI)
  • 10 Orchestral Lines
  • 80 Cinematic Horn Samples
  • 120 Melody & Bass Loops (+ MIDI)
  • 80 Orchestral MIDI Loops
  • 36 Cinematic & Synth One Shots
  • 132 Drum Loops & Fills
  • 236 Drum & Percussion Shots
  • Orchestral Course By Evan Rogers (Audio Course)
  • Music Theory From the Top (Audio Course)

What’s more? Every pack is 100% royalty-free, so you can distribute your new score to stores and streaming services such as Spotify, free of charge with RouteNote.

Pick up 50 free EDM presets for Vital synth – including synths, basses, leads, drums and FX

Image Credit: W. A. Production

Boost your Vital synth collection with Free EDM Vital Presets from W. A. Production, perfect for EDM, bass house and electro house producers.

The Vital synthesizer is a spectral warping wavetable synth. It’s free to download, but comes with few presets to start experimenting. W. A. Production in partnership with Fresh New Tunes have released Free EDM Vital Presets. Full of 50 EDM presets, get inpired and generate your own new sound.

Free EDM Vital Presets is 60MB in soundbank form, making the presets easy to load and browse right in the synth. The download is free on W. A. Production for those that follow on SoundCloud, Instagram or signup for email subscriptions.

The presets are 100% royalty-free, meaning you can upload your masterpieces to stores and streaming services such as Spotify, and start generating revenue, with free distribution thanks to RouteNote.

Get IK Multimedia’s Syntronik Instruments Bully for free

Image Credit: Audio Plugin Deals

Based on the organ pedal-style Moog Taurus series synthesizers, Syntronik’s Bully is currently free on Audio Plugin Deals.

Syntronik Instruments Bully from IK Multimedia recreates the thunderous bass sounds of the Moog Taurus series, the first version of which was an instant classic in the mid-70s. The plugin emulates the distinctive oscillator detuning, unique-sounding sawtooth waveforms, and slow-sweeping low pass filter with little or no resonance. Famous users of the Moog Taurus include Rush, Yes, Genesis, U2 and The Police.

Bully is an expansion sound library of IK Multimedia’s free Syntronik virtual instrument platform. The plugin accurately samples the original instrument, while you can get creative with modulation, filters and built-in effects. The download is loaded with over 1GB of content, over 1,000 samples and 100 instruments.

Image Credit: IK Multimedia

Normally $40, Syntronik’s Bully is free on Audio Plugin Deals until the end of September 2021. Head here to download, then sign up for an IK Multimedia user account to register and activate your free product.

Pitch Monster by Devious Machine is currently 50% off on VSTBuzz

Image Credit: Devious Machine

Transform a solo vocal into a choir with this extreme pitch shifter from VSTBuzz for just $53.31, until Monday 20th September.

Devious Machine’s Pitch Monster is capable of 64 voices of sound-warping, letting you alter the gender of a voice, mutate it into a different species, create beautiful choirs, robotic melodies or entire orchestras from a mono synth. Using the plugins granular, formant and robot-tastic vocoder engines, Pitch Monster goes far beyond ordinary pitch shifting. With realtime MIDI control, low latency and 8-voice polyphony, it can be played like an instrument. Alter the pitch and time dials to turn ordinary sounds into the fantastical. The plugin has four modes to help you find your unique sound: Chord Mode, MIDI Mode, Formant Mode, and Unison, Jitter and Spread.


  • Harmonise with up to 8 voices of polyphony
  • Huge 6-octave range
  • Dial in 8 voices of unison for a 64 voice stack
  • Granular, formant-shifting and vocoder engines
  • Realtime MIDI control
  • Programmable chord memories, with hundreds of presets
  • Dual high + low pass filters for fine tonal control
  • Wide mode for BIG stereo effects
  • Responsive, low-latency DSP engine

Pitch Monster is compatible with macOS 10.7 or later, and Windows 7 or later, in VST 2, VST 3, AudioUnit and Protools 64-bit AAX. The plugin is $53.31, usually $106.61, but you’ve only got three days to get your hands on this one. Find the full download on VSTBuzz or a demo on Devious Machines.

Bitcrusher ‘My Crush’ is free for all ‘denise’ newsletter subscribers

Usually €108.90, ‘denise’ are offering the bitcrusher plugin for free to all those who subscribe to their newsletter.

My Crush is a digital lo-fi bitcrusher effect. With its minimal and easy to use interface, anyone producing any type of electronic music will be able to find a creative use for the plugin. Use the reduction parameters and effects to find a sound you like, then save your preset so you can use it across your projects. My Crush is loaded with unique presets from denise and Berlin electronic music producer Florian Meindl for you to use and add your own spin to.

  • SPLIT (ON / OFF): Splits the mono signal to make it stereo.
  • STUTTER (1/1 to 1/64d): Create a stutter effect in beat sync by selecting the metronome symbol. Hold shift to loop the effect.
  • CURVE (VARIOUS PRESET CURVES): Shape the tone of the effect from one of the following preset curves.
  • HPF/LPF (PRE AND POST: 20Hz to 20 kHz)): A high pass and a low pass filter that filters the audio either pre or post effects.
  • RESAMPLE (0% to 100%): Reduces the sample rate of the audio signal.
  • REDUCE (0% to 100%): Reduces the bitrate of the audio signal.
  • MIX (0% to 100%): The mix between the dry and the wet signal.
  • IN (-48dB to 48dB): Adjusts the input volume.
  • OUT (-48dB to 48dB): Adjusts the output volume
  • Clip and Out sliders on the top left correspond with the Clip and Out sliders on the bottom right of the plugin.

We wanted to create a fun and inspiring crusher, with the same brutal power of the Bite Harder, but the simplicity of preset controls and way to shape your sound in a quick and inspiring way. My Crush gives you the possibility to create the same, classic bit-crushing tones and audio destruction, in a simplified way, for no cost at all.


Mr Crush is compatible with 64-bit Windows 7 or newer, and macOS 10.7 or newer, in VST, VST3, AU and AAX formats.

The free plugin is available to all new and existing newsletter subscribers. The newletter features blog articles, release, promotions and exclusive offers. Simply sign up here, select the mailing list subscription option and verify your email address. Once you’ve sign in to your account, head here to download. The discount is automatically applied at checkout when logged in.