The Beebo multi modulation effects pedal lets you customise your own effects presets, giving you endless possibility for sound output.

Beebo from Poly Effects doubles as both a guitar pedal and digital modular synth. Control all aspects using the five-inch touch screen, with two knobs at the top for changing parameters. Tap one of the three foot switches to quickly change a value, or connect up parameters to a random source, an LFO or an envelope follower for example.

Combine traditional effects such as auto swell, delay, algorithmic reverb, chorus, looping delay, mono & stereo EQ, mono & stereo compressor, pan, phaser, reverse, rotary, saturator, phaser, warmth and through zero flanger. With synth modules from Mutable Instruments loaded up on the pedal, such as Clouds, Grids, Plaits and Warps.

Build your own effect presets right on the pedal, or import and export presets using a flash drive. Send control signals out as MIDI CC to control other pedals.

The Beebo is physically the same as the Poly Effects Digital, with similar hardware but different firmware. Poly Effects allow you to easily swap firmware between the two models in the settings, effectively giving you two pedals in one.

Comparisons have been drawn between the Poly Effects Beebo and the Zoia from Empress. A similarly extensive system in pedal form. Together they compliment each other very well. If you owned both, in theory you’d never need buy another pedal again.

The Beebo cost $399 on Reverb, which is a reasonable price for such a complex, all-in-one pedal.