Roland has announced a new retail space in Harajuku, a bustling city west of Tokyo. It’s a city thriving with art, fashion, tourism, food and music, and that’s good news for Roland and musicians and producers alike.

The manufacturer’s new three-story, immersive retail space is to be packed with Roland’s electronic instruments and staffed by “by knowledgeable and experienced Roland product specialists,” who are on hand to give personalised shopping experiences for customers.

This new store comes after the success of Roland’s grand opening of its London store in honour of the brand’s 50th anniversary last year. Roland says its offering a wide range of personalized experiences in-store for beginners and professionals by following the London branchs’ Demo-on-Demand model.

Roland Japan Store – immesive shopping experiences for musicians

Roland’s in-person music experience will showcase the brand’s latest electronic musical instruments, from synthesizers to guitar-related products, but not forgetting about pianos.

In fact, Roland says it’ll dedicate a whole floor to pianos! While the first floor “will showcase a variety of synthesizers, digital wind instruments, Roland Cloud and DJ-related products, instrument accessories [and] Roland apparel,” digital pianos are taking centre stage on the second floor in a “more relaxed atmosphere”. Head to the basement and you’ll find Roland’s V-Drums kits and BOSS brand products for both beginner and professional drummers and guitar players.

With hands-on support and in-store testing, customers can explore lighting, audio, and video products through Roland’s proprietary “Audience Specific Experience” ASX retail technology “allowing for more personalized and entertaining playing sessions”.

Roland aims to continue its Demo-on-Demand service, its appointment-based customer service model led by its product specialists to tailor experiences to every customer’s needs. Roland says, “Roland’s product specialists [have] deep expertise in a variety of musical instruments and can support one-on-one product explanations and demonstrations,” meaning that budding and experienced musicians can both have a valuable experience.

The team at the Roland store will be available to help customers “deepen their relationship with music before, during, and after the purchase of a product,” through Roland’s numerous after-sale care sessions which the company says are available “after those offered during each appointment”.