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Plugin Alliance’s ALL Bundle is currently on sale at a huge discount!

For a limited time, you can get more than 150 plugins from over 40 brands in just one bundle for an extraordinary price. But what’s included in the All Bundle 2022?

Plugins in the All Bundle are developed by the likes of Focusrite, SSL, Brainworx, Shadow Hills, Black Box Analog Design, and many more. I’d be writing all day if I were to list every plugin available in the All Bundle. But here you can find a brief overview of what’s available…


The All Bundle 2022 includes a huge selection of best-in-class EQ types. Whether you’re after a legendary parametric EQ like the AMEK EQ250 or a feature-rich Parametric EQ like the Kirchhoff EQ, you can get it in Plugin Alliance’s All Bundle.

Additionally, TMT emulations of reductive EQs like the Knif Soma, Mid/Side pioneers like the bx_digital V3, and recreations of many respected analog EQs like the Bettermaker EQ232D, the Mäag EQ 4, and more.

Virtual instruments and synths

For those looking to create some sound, you can grab a large collection of virtual instruments from hyper-realistic string bass emulations like the WEDGE FORCE Keemun and synths like the Brainworx bx_oberhausen.

One-of-a-kind emulations like the 26-vacuum tube-driven Knifonium are available for analog synth lovers too. Cutting-edge sounds from the dual-oscillator LION synth by Unfiltered Audio, the DS Audio Thorn spectral synth, and many more synthesizers are all available to play with a MIDI keyboard!

Dynamic processing

Furthermore, you’ll find an abundance of dynamic processing plugins for professional mixing and mastering too. Limiters like the bx_limiter True Peak, compressors like the SPL IRON, the Shadow Hills Class A, tube saturators like THE OVEN, and the Black Box HG-2MS are all available in the All Bundle 2022!


As for effects, the bx_crispytuner is available for subtle or extreme autotuning, and plugins like the Neold Warble and ADA STD-1 are available for vintage tape modulation and lo-fi effects. Reverb plugins such as UnFIAu TAILS, rhythmic multi-effects plugins like the DS Audio Tantra 2, and more are all available in the PLugin Alliances All Bundle.

Availability, compatibility, and price

Plugin Alliance’s All Bundle offers more than 150 plugins and apps available in VST3, AAX, and AU plugin formats.

You can get the FULL BUNDLE for just $799 rather than the full $2499. A Rent-to-Own option is available too, where you’ll pay  $79.99 for 10 months.

Alternatively, Plugin Alliance offers a free plugin bundle that you can get here!