One More Film From Micheal Jackson.

Superior court judge Mitchell Beckloff has approved a three way deal between Micheal Jackson’s estate, tour/concert promoters AEG live and Columbia Pictures who are interested in making a movie of the pop stars final rehearsals.michael-jackson

The project, that was given a thumbs on 7th August, will be a collaboration of hundreds of hour the singers backstage rehearsals for venues in Los-Angeles and some footage of his preparations for what was intended to be his 50 date London comeback tour.

Columbia have announced that the film is scheduled to be released on 30th October and have  forked out $6o million for the rights for the film. Some of the film will reportedly be in 3D, well, lets hope in doesn’t turn into another moon-walker!

Clear Channel Radio Report Terrible Quarter Results


The owner of Clear Channel Radio, the largest radio group in the US, and 90 percent owner of Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, reported another grim quarter, with revenue was down 21 percent to $1.4 billion in second quarter. Excluding foreign exchange, revenue would have declined 18 percent.

Clear Channel Media Holdings, which purchased the company a year ago backed by private equity firms Bain Capital Partners and Thomas H. Lee Partners, lost $3.7 billion in the quarter, attributable to the decrease in revenue and an impairment of charge of $4 billion and an increase of $302.5 million in interest expense as a result of outstanding debt.

Radio revenue was down 20 percent to $717.6 million.

Revenue at Clear Channel Outdoor dropped 24 percent to $692.1 million.

In January, Clear Channel began restructuring its operations in order to reduced fixed costs. At the end of June, Clear Channel Media Holdings had $21.5 billion of debt.

Stone Roses Should Kiss And Make Up.

Former Stone Roses bass player Gary Moundfield has confessed that he regrets the fact that hes been denied the chance to celebrate the bands recent 20th anniversary of the bands debut album, as well as admitting that former front man Ian Brown and guitarist John Squire should forget their differences and become friends once more.

john squireSquire earlier this year quashed any rumours fans had heard about the band getting back together. Scepticism that the band are having any sort of reunion seemed to be defended by the bands producer John Leckie who compared it to splitting up with a partner that everybody else likes, “You split up with your girlfriend and people keep saying, you should get back together, you were great together but you just don’t want to”.

The bands self-titled Debut album has been re-released and is available to buy in three formats.

Super Group “Them Crooked Vultures” ride the Metro.

vulturesThe super group featuring Dave Grohl of the Foofighters, Josh Homme of Queen of the stone age and John Paul Jones Of Led Zeppelin made their live show debut last night at Chicago’s Metro.

The legendary collaboration melt faces under the name “Them Crooked Vultures”. At the exclusive event which sold out, the band went on around midnight (EST) with Grohl on the drums, Homme vocals and guitar and Jones on base and keyboards.

information on the event is still limited but you can watch some fan footage of the gig at

The Twang Tour Some More.

Having just released what is always a difficult second album, “Jewellery Quarter”, The Twang have announced a tour of the UK later this year.

Five piece The Twang shot to thetwang top after the success of their first album “Love it When i feel Like” in 2007, which had solid singles like “Wide Awake” and “Either Way”. The Twang managed delicious reviews from NME who pegged them as the best band in the country for the same year. “Jewellery Quarter” has already received great reviews and has been compared by some people to the Happy Mondays, and some fans put them somewhere in between the streets and the stone roses.

Tour Venues include The Lead Mill in Sheffield, The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham and The M Club in Crewe including London, Manchester, Derby, Norwich and Glasgow to name a few. Tickets are on sale today (7 th August) and this weekend and start from £12.50.

More Free Music Thanks To Grooveshark.

grooveshark 2The world has just about bypassed the era of being on the cusp of everything going digital. The resulting climate now is one of fierce competition of companies and developers trying to out do each other and re-invent themselves.

The vision of is to bring people and music closer together by making the whole process of finding the song you want that much easier. Whilst doing their bit to change the way the music industry is run to ways they seem so unwilling to consider. offers ways for listening to the old classics or the most up-todate numbers without having to worry about those ugly file sharing sites that seem to be nipping at everyone’s feet.

Grooveshark over the last few months have been successfully talking to a confident amount of copyright holders about licensing agreements and to distribute their content in a way that will be mutually beneficial to both parties.

In a nutshell, Grooveshark seems to be the sort ofgrooveshark website that hundreds, probably thousands, of music fans have dreamed of. Easy, Legal and free way of just quickly sticking on that song that that girl told you about last night, or an awesome song you want your mates to hear. is a music site made for music fans by music fans. Sam Tarantino (founder anc CEO) and Douglas Bell (Network and systems administrator) themselves are both musician and are obviously the kind of people that now what people want, and as genuine music fans know what music fans want. But the difference is they have gone and made it happen.

We love you keep up the good work.

Disclosure: Grooveshark is a partner of RouteNote

Radiohead Honor Veteren

Today the radio 4 programme “today” debuted Radiohead’s new single Harry Patch(in loving memory of) who is the last remaining veteran of world war one.

harrt patchThe importance of the song is the main driving force behind it and the inspiration for it will remain a major influence for the many individuals who have been touched by Harry’s story, including Thom Yorke. Thom was inspired to write the sombre tribute after hearing Patch talk about his radioheadexperiences of Passchendaele in an interview entitled “The last tommy”. The song is available for download only at Radiohead’s website an all proceeds will be donated to the Royal British Legion, a charity dedicated to former and serving British armed forces.

Amazon Launch Amazonmp3 wider EU market

amazon_logoAmazon are proud to announce that their current EU mp3 stores are now opening up to customers in additional countries. Whilst the list of countries is limited at the moment to just Germany, France and the UK, Amazon is planning to expand to a wider audience by executing their concept of a “marketplace”. Which their defining as a cluster of countries with a single catalogue all served by one store.

There will be one single catalogue available for each marketplace and ALL titles must be available for sale in ALL countries associated with that marketplace. This will not only maximise the sales of albums and music for Amazon but will also result in a broader range of customers being able to conveniently search for and buy music from Amazon and its partners

Disclosure: RouteNote is a retail partner with Amazon

Warner Music Group Announces Heavy Losses for 2nd Quarter 2009

In a report to shareholders this morning, Warner Music Group revealed that in the quarter ending June 30th, 2009, total revenue decreased 9.3% and operating income from continuing operations declined 51%. Total losses from continuing operations swelled to $37 million from $9 in the prior year quarter.

WMG improved its financial position during the quarter with a $1.1 billion offering of secured notes which the company used to pay off previous loans. But the new new notes carry a hefty 9.5% interest rate and come due in just 7 years

This morning’s SEC filing showed:

  • Total revenue of $769 million decreased 9.3 % from the prior year quarter.
  • Digital revenue was $175 million or 23% of total revenue in the quarter up just 1% from the second quarter and up 5%f rom $166 million in the prior year quarter.
  • Operating income from continuing operations declined 51% to $25 million compared to $51 million in the prior year quarter.
  • Operating income before depreciation and amortization (OIBDA) fell 22% to $90 million from $116 million in the prior year quarter.
  • Loss from continuing operations was $37 million or $.25 per diluted share compared to a loss from continuing operations of  $9 million or $.06 per diluted share in the prior year quarter.
  • Interest expense this quarter included $18 million or $.12 per diluted share of previously unamortized deferred financing fees related to the company’s senior secured credit facility. These fees were written off in the current quarter when the company repaid the credit facility in full in connection with its senior secured bond offering.

Read the full filing here.