TC Electronic’s Secret New Guitar Pedal Revealed

TC Electronic are back with a new pedal, now revealed after a teaser last month to be the incredible sounding ‘Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver’.

This new pedal from TC Electronic gives you the first monophonic AND polyphonic octaver that puts amazing new sounds in your hands and at your feet. Get an old school Jack White sound, turn your guitar into a bass, turn your bass into a guitar, and more with the Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver.

A spokesperson for TC Electronic said: “With it’s next generation octave engine, this pedal gives you everything from pristine polyphonic octaves to old-school monophonic octave tones right out of the box. While TonePrint and its built-in modulation algorithm lets you open up a world full of swirly organ tones and otherworldly octaves never heard before.”


With TonePrint compatibility built-in  you can create and discover custom tones and input them to your pedal. Browse libraries of sounds based off of classic tones or just pure imagination, all from the free TonePrint app.

The Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver features 4 knobs controlling ‘Dry’, ‘Up’, ‘Sub’, and ‘Sub2’. That doesn’t do it’s power or sound justice though. Here are the features:

  • Next generation octave-engine – for flawless polyphonic tracking
  • Classic monophonic octaver – cool old-school octaver tones
  • TonePrint Editor with Modulation – for otherworldly octave tones
  • TonePrint enabled – Beam custom tones to the pedal or create your own
  • True Bypass
  • Compact design
  • 9V/100mA
  • High quality components
  • Road-ready design


TC Electronic’s Sub ‘N’ Up Octaver is available from May 19th in Europe and the US for $129.99/€129.

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