Train Your Ears With SoundGym’s Online Ear Gym For Sound Engineers and Music Producers

SoundGym aims to fine tune your ears to pick up all the nuances of a track, giving musicians, producers, sound engineers and anyone interested top class audio perception.

SoundGym gives you a load of tools to help you perfect your listening capabilities and makes it fun in the process. The entirely online workout program for your ears features mini-games, challenges, rewards, and even a virtual studio you build yourself.


As you progress throughout your daily training you will build up all the essential and advanced listening qualities such as:

  • Frequency detection
  • Compression
  • Coloration
  • Gain difference detection
  • Spatial impression
  • Equalisation
  • Quality
  • and MORE

SoundGym isn’t just a uniquely brilliant way to develop your audio perception but is also based around the science of improving your brain’s connections in relation to music and hearing. SoundGym allege that music is perceived in the “right holistic hemisphere of the brain” and is not easily accessed by the “conscious, analytical left hemisphere”. These means that for us listening is easy, but analysis of what we hear is a much bigger challenge.


SoundGym claim their program “will help you close the gap between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, providing you with essential listening skills.” But why is all this brain connecting and precision hearing important? Well it’s not unless you’re working with music, then it can be incredibly important.

Being able to quickly decide what part of a track is compressed, the ability to hear what changes you could make and the tools you’d use to make them is incredibly important to a studio or music peers. Whether you want to produce your own tracks to the highest quality, work for other people controlling their mix, as a sound engineer on the big stages, or just want to train your ears for fun – SoundGym could be a massively valuable tool for you.


You can sign up for FREE now at or sign up for their Pro plan to gain access to the full traning programs with more games, personalised workouts, training, sounds, and more for $14.95 a month or $119 a year.

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