CÜR Music Streaming Finds New Boss In Ex-UMG Exec

Former Universal Music Group distribution President Jim Urie has joined startup streamer CÜR Music to lead its success.

Jim Urie joins CÜR Media with 20 years of industry experience at Universal Music Group, building his way to president and CEO of their distribution. Having been a driving force in turning their music catalogue digital, where music consumption is now at it’s highest, his skills should help new music streaming service CÜR Music find it’s place in the competitive online music marketplace.

Urie said on his new position: “There is a tremendous opportunity to break new ground in the music streaming space, and I believe the CÜR Music offering is poised to do just that.” CÜR’s offering is unique in it’s low prices, aimed at casual listeners with two tiers available for $1.99 or $4.99 a month.

CÜR Music
Jim Urie (left) joins Tipper and Al Gore at a Universal Music Grammy Party in 2007

Urie replaces former CÜR Media boss and founder Tom Brophy, though Brophy isn’t entirely losing his company just stepping down to director of the company. Brophy launched CÜR Media earlier this year and last month saw some successful funding from investors. However CÜR Media remains $7.5 million in debt to labels for music licensing, upon their last announcement.

Perhaps it was the potentially dire circumstances that led Brophy to step down and hand control over to an industry executive. Whatever the case, here’s hoping that Urie is able to use his years of industry knowledge and experience to pull CÜR Music out of debt and into a new, unique streamer to freshen up the industry.

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