With new changes to its price packages, is TuneCore free now? It’s certainly not the only music distributor offering unlimited releases.

TuneCore is switching up its music distribution packages. They claim their new TuneCore Unlimited payment tiers are better for artists and independent record labels than their old packages, and a better deal than other distributors like RouteNote.

Thinking of becoming a TuneCore artist? To unlock unlimited releases on TuneCore, you have to pay for the privilege. But that’s not the case with RouteNote.

So how does the new TuneCore price match up to RouteNote distribution? Let’s take a closer look.

TuneCore New Artist Plan

The New Artist Plan is TuneCore’s new and only free distribution option, and it’s limited in terms of where your music could reach.

But compared to RouteNote, it offers a fraction of the amount of stores where you can upload your music.

Rather than giving you the option to send your music to streaming services like Spotify, only social platform distribution is available, uploading your music to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

TuneCore say this tier is to “facilitate discovery and virality on key social media platforms.”

The New Artist Plan has no fee, and you get 80% of royalties. However, with RouteNote’s free distribution, you keep 85% of royalties when you choose to upload to the social media music libraries of Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

RouteNote also offers free Content ID protection on YouTube, as well as putting your music on YouTube Music and on YouTube Shorts.

But why settle for just social media distribution? You can release your music across 95% of the entire digital market with RouteNote free distribution.

That’s platforms around the world from Apple Music to our newest partner, JOOX. Speaking of new partners – every time we join forces with a new store, your music is automatically added – a feature that costs $10 each release with TuneCore.

TuneCore Professional Plan

TuneCore’s Professional Plan is for record labels, and a range of features are included. It costs $49.99 each year for one artist. But if you want to add any more artists, TuneCore charge an extra $14.99 a year for each additional artist.

RouteNote is the clear winner for label distribution. With RouteNote, record labels can upload unlimited artists for no extra cost.

Whether selecting free or Premium tier for a release, you can release an unlimited number of songs and artists. Labels can distribute hundreds of artists from one RouteNote profile without paying a penny extra.

Unlike TuneCore RouteNote already offers artist revenue splits for free, making splitting revenue between collaborators a breeze. You also get downloadable reports and customised label name fields for no extra fee.

RouteNote pricing

RouteNote header

At RouteNote we have three distribution options – Free, Premium, and All Access.

Free and Premium work on a release-by-release basis. For each release you select a package, and both offer the same features. The difference is that Free is exactly that – free – and you keep 85% of revenue.

Established artists love Premium, which has completely transparent fixed upfront and annual costs that will never surprise you with additional fees. You keep 100% of revenue for a one-off cost and small additional fees.

Our third distribution package is All Access. For a set fee, professional labels get 12 months of unlimited distribution, and keep 100% of royalties, plus priority support and pitching assistance.

Check out our pricing here.

Deciding on a music distributor is a hard choice, and companies will try and bamboozle you with different price plans and fees for extra features that are designed to confuse you.

Your distributor should make it clear and obvious what you’re getting for your money – because it’s your music that you’ve worked so hard on, and you need a partner you can trust.

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