Free RouteNote distribution lets you add as many artists as you want to your account, and release endless music from multiple artists, free forever.

Some music distributors tempt you in with seemingly small payments or promises of free uploads, before slapping you with charges on top of what you’re already paying when you add more artists to your account. Things can start to get expensive, fast, especially for labels with hundreds of artists on their roster.

With RouteNote’s Free distribution the good news for independent labels is that it doesn’t matter how many artists or tracks you want to upload. Free means free.

We want to level the playing field so every indie label or artist has a chance of getting their music heard, without having to cough up before they’ve even got started. And no nasty surprises along the way.

What do you get with RouteNote Free? Your music on streaming services around the world, from Spotify to TIDAL to NetEase Cloud Music in China. You can monetise your music on YouTube, Facebook and TikTok, too. It’s super easy to upload tracks and you stay in full control of your music, with ultimate flexibility.

There’s no limit to the amount of artists you can add or songs you can upload, and there’ll be no unexpected fees when you register another artist. And free revenue sharing makes splitting royalties between artists easy.

Whether you’re an artist or label RouteNote accounts are the same, which allows for speedy uploads of your tracks and easy management. With Free distribution you keep 85% of revenue, and we don’t own your music – artists and labels are free to do whatever they want with it, whether that’s changing the stores you’ve uploaded to, switching distributor or upgrading to our Premium tier to keep 100% of revenue.

There’s no extra charges for adding new artists on Premium either, by the way. We also offer an All Access tier with custom pricing for professional labels – head here for details.

So, to recap – with RouteNote’s free distribution labels can upload as many artists as they want, artists can release as many songs as they want, and there won’t be any extra charges along the way!

Head here to find out more and sign up to RouteNote today.