New TuneCore pricing – how does it compare?

With new changes to its price packages, is TuneCore free now? It’s certainly not the only music distributor offering unlimited releases.

Best distribution companies in 2022

At RouteNote we provide all of the tools independent artists and labels need to distribute, earn money from and analyse their music online.

TuneCore vs. RouteNote vs. DistroKid – music distributors compared in 2021

TuneCore, RouteNote or DistroKid? Which music distributor is right for all independent artists and labels of all sizes.

RouteNote vs. CD Baby vs. TuneCore 2021

Compared against competitors CD Baby and TuneCore, RouteNote offer the best value for money tools for independent artists.

Music distribution to Facebook & Instagram – RouteNote and TuneCore compared

Both RouteNote and TuneCore distribute to Facebook & Instagram, however in every instance, RouteNote is better for the artist.

Why does TuneCore not distribute to SoundCloud?

TuneCore distribute to many of the same top stores, streaming services and social platform as RouteNote, but miss one key partner.

What alternatives are there to Tunecore music distribution?

Tunecore are one of the top choices for artists to get their music out there but there are plenty of alternatives that might suit you better depending on your situation. RouteNote RouteNote offers you the…

Top 5 free music marketing products

Sites such as, Linkfire, Linktree and offer tools specifically designed to improve your artist campaign’s effectiveness. One platform offers great features, in-depth statistics and a clean interface at an unbeatable price. 1.…

Top 4 Label Distributors 2021

Online music distributors are a great solution for unsigned artists to publish their music to stores and streaming services, but distributors can be a great way for label managers to control their catalogue. A digital…

TuneCore vs. RouteNote Comparison

TuneCore and RouteNote offer digital distribution to artists of all sizes to major stores, however TuneCore cannot compete with RouteNote’s free distribution. Both RouteNote and TuneCore offer worldwide music distribution to many of the same…