Image Credit: Tape It

Check out this new AI-powered iOS recording app for musicians which might fill the void left when Apple axed Music Memos. It’s also a smarter alternative to the Voice Memos iPhone app.

Tape It is a new free voice recorder app on iPhone, aimed at musicians. The app seeks to compete with built-in Voice Memos – and it just might, with a sleeker design and AI-powered technology.

When you get an idea for a melody, beat or lyric and you’re nowhere near your DAW, there’s nothing more useful than grabbing your phone and recording it into a voice app. Apple Music Memos used to be an incredibly effective tool for just that, before it was shut down earlier this year. Now musicians and producers with iPhones have to make do with the standard Voice Memos app.

But now Voice Memos has a competitor. Tape It offers a smart recorder that’s built with musicians in mind. Use it to record your band practices, songwriting sessions, and use it as a sampler when you’re out and about.

Image Credit: Tape It

What makes Tape It different from Voice Memos? The free iOS app uses AI technology that automatically detects what instrument is being played. The recordings appear as waveforms, so you can scan through and find a specific part to play back.

You can also put markers throughout the recordings, and add photos and notes so you can keep track of your session.

For musicians, the photos could for example be a amplifier setting, and the notes might be what chords you were playing.

Image Credit: Tape It

You’ll have to pay for the AI technology that reduces noise to ensure clear recordings, and for the Stereo HD recording that will also only work on iPhones with multiple microphones. A yearly subscription costs $20.

The app is iPhone only, and you can download it for free from the App Store here.