Apple has completely removed their Music Memos app

Image Credit: Apple

Apple have officially removed the Music Memos app from the app store, meaning that no-one who hasn’t already downloaded it will be able to use the music making app.

The Music Memos app launched on Apple’s App store in 2016 and provided an awesome sketchbook for artists to record into on the fly. It combined certain features of Garageband with simplicity of voice memos to make for the perfect accompaniment to artists who find ideas coming to them wherever they are.

Once you’d recorded a sketch of an idea – whether it’s a recording of your guitar or some vocals you’re working on – you were able to set a backing band with a virtual drummer and bassist to play along with it in tempo and key. They even integrated it into the Garageband app so that memos could easily be transferred into a proper music project and expanded upon.

Now sadly Apple have removed it from the app store and so it will no longer be available to download. Apple have said that people should use their Voice Memos app instead, which does allow exports into Garageband. Sadly it won’t be the same without the virtual band to play you along.

Those iOS users lucky enough to have downloaded the app in the past will still be able to use it and download it but those hearing about the cool music sketching app for the first time now will sadly have to miss out on the fun.

Even so, for those who do have it you may not have it forever. Apple warns: “You should export your Music Memos recordings to your Voice Memos library to make sure you keep all of your recordings.” So it may be completely wiped in the near future.

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