With RouteNote you can get your music online to all of the top music streaming services as well as protect your music on YouTube and Facebook with Content ID.

With us you can distribute your music to all of the top streaming services in the world including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, Anghami, Tencent, and many more. What’s more you can choose to pay or upload completely free.

On top of the many music streaming services and download stores we work with, we also provide protection and monetisation for your music when it’s used by other people. With Content ID on YouTube and Facebook, any time your music is used in videos we’ll be able to ensure that you are earning your rightful revenues from it.

YouTube Content ID

Select YouTube Content ID for your release and we’ll add you in to YouTube’s automatic system. This means that they will scan every video for uses of your music and whenever they find it they will monetise the video on your behalf so that you don’t miss out on the revenues for use of your tracks.

Facebook Content ID

Select Facebook for your release and we can do the exact same thing for the many videos on the world’s biggest social media platform. We’ll be able to monetise the use of your music in any videos uploaded to the platform and send the earnings on to you.

With Facebook selected, we will also add your tracks to Instagram so that they can be used in Stories and soundtrack Reels. You’ll earn money every time your music is used and you have the potential to be the soundtrack to a viral trend on Reels putting you in front of millions of new listeners.