Hey Alexa, you’re in Motorola phones now?

Motorola are still making phones (who knew, huh?) and soon they’re launching the X4, an Amazon Alexa powered smartphone.

Amazon have been revolutionising home-life with their deeply intelligent AI Alexa, aiding people in everything from music, planning, current affairs, reminders and much more.. Motorola were so impressed with the voice-powered artificial intelligence that they’re putting her into their next phone to provide a 24/7 assistant in your pocket.

Motorola revealed their plans for Alexa integration back in February, however at the time it was a basic level of support provided through a “Moto Mod” providing the correct mic setup. Now the Motorola X4 will ship with 3 microphones built-in and full Alexa functionality, one of the first phones in the world to come with Amazon’s popular AI assistant.

Alexa will act like many existing phone assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana however with even deeper functionality. For example Alexa can be asked and answer questions even while your phone is locked, you don’t even need to touch it.


Another pretty awesome feature of the X4 is support for multiple speaker connections via a new Bluetooth from French startup Tempow. This will allow you to play music through multiple speakers or headphones at the same time which is incredibly unique for a smartphone. If Alexa is capable of setting up these connections via voice control as well the X4 is on track to replace your home speakers.

Beyond Alexa support is an incredible front-facing camera, dual-camera on the rear, powerful water resistance, octa-core performance on the inside and more. Motorola’s X4 is due to release later this year in the states and will release this month in Europe for €399 / $416.

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