Marshall, famous for their face-melting amplifiers, are bringing their crystal sound and booming power to Bluetooth speakers all around the house.

A few years ago Marshall expanded their company to create Marshall Headphones, a new speaker manufacturer for playing music rather than instruments. With the famous Marshall quality and sound their headphones and speakers have become a raging success, and now you can connect them to each other for a multi-room setup.

Three of their most popular Speaker models are being upgraded to work in a multi-room setup by connecting to each other. The Acton, Stanmore, and the Woburn will all receive Wi-Fi connectivity to link up with other Marshall amps in the house and sync music through different rooms.

The 3 speakers chosen for promotion will feature a new control panel, containing a dial for selecting between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections as well as Internet Radio and Spotify stations. The speakers will all also support Chromecast, Spotify Connect and AirPlay connections. Despite Apple’s best efforts the aux input still exists and is available on all 3 of the speakers, the Woburn also featuring an RCA jack.

The upgrades come with a bit of a price bump for each speaker with the Acton going for $350 / £319, the Stanmore for $450 / £399, and the Woburn for $600 / £539. They are due to begin shipping on the 21st September and pre-orders are already available from Marshall’s site: