BandLab have just acquired, a live streaming platform focused around DJs performing and learning from each other. has been described as the “Twitch for DJs” and was struggling to keep going, until BandLab Technologies came in to save the day. The online, video-based community will make a solid addition to BandLab’s “social music-making” platform which will be integrated into BandLab’s website. launched in 2015 as a place for both amateur and professional DJs to come together and learn/perform with each other. The emphasis on live video was based on gaming streams like those on Twitch from where users would flock to learn from skilled players and could engage with the gaming community.

It began to gain popularity with a faithful user-base frequenting their website to watch or record live streams. They announced earlier this year in July that they had more than 380,000 users that have created over 120,000 hours of content since’s conception. Following a brutal hack where their streaming infrastructure was “heavily misused”’s dedicated users helped save the company by raising £12,000 in donations after the team revealed they were going out of business with repairal costs.

Following recent money troubles though BandLab have stepped in to take over and fund the streamer for producers and DJs. will be renamed Chew by BandLab and their streaming technology will be integrated into their Android and iOS apps. This integration will make Chew available “for use by BandLab’s existing user base of close to 2 million users.”

BandLab will acquire all of’s technology and IP in the deal however the price of their acquisition isn’t being shared. A BandLab spokesperson said: “We’re not disclosing dollar amounts for the deal. This was a privately funded deal – we worked to find a fair price that both parties were happy with.”

BandLab CEO and founder, Meng Ru Kuok said: “I am very pleased that Chew will now be supported by the BandLab team. For the past two years I’ve been closely watching the growth and development of this great platform and community of DJs. One of the most important parts of being a musician today is performing live, and as an extension of that, it’s extremely important for us to be able to digitally support creators and musicians who want to bring their live performances to the world.”