Image Credit: LeBron James on Instagram

The earbuds in the basketball player’s latest Instagram post line up with leaks of the yet to be announced Beats Studio Buds.

LeBron James’ Instagram post yesterday shows him wearing a pair of white earbuds that’s design seems to line up with images we’ve seen of the leaked earbuds thought to be coming from Apple’s headphone brand Beats.

The squared off outer shell stacks up with images and animations that were spotted earlier this month in the beta code for iOS and tvOS 14.6 by MacRumors. The upcoming Beats Studio Buds show an earbud design unlike any we’ve seen previously from Beats or Apple AirPods. The buds have seemingly dropped the stem of the AirPods and hook of the Powerbeats, with a design closer to that of Samsung Galaxy Buds and Google Pixel Buds. The stem-less design is also thought to be hitting the next generation of AirPods Pro that we’re hoping to see later this year. MacRumors suggest the Beats Studio Buds will be available in red, black and white, with a matching oval-shaped charging case. The code found referencing the Beats Studio Buds also mentions active noise cancellation, a first for Beats earbuds.

Beats Studio Buds
Image Credit: MacRumors

The images and animations from MacRumors also line up with schematics showing the design from the inside of the buds, found in two FCC filings here and here. Which in turn line up with images from MySmartPrice showing the inner plastic casing.

With leaks popping up everywhere and the public release of iOS 14.6, the Beats Studio Buds may be just around the corner.