Apple leaks suggest a new redesigned rounded AirPods Pro

Apple are reportedly working on updating both AirPods models, giving the AirPods Pro a new stem-less, rounded design, and the AirPods an AirPods Pro design.

Reports from anonymous Apple employees via Mark Gurman and Bloomberg suggest AirPods and AirPods Pro are getting updated in early 2021. As always, Apple are being tight lipped about any potential future products, so none of this has been officially confirmed. We are yet to see any new AirPods in 2020, so we are due an update to both tiers.

AirPods Pro

The second generation AirPods Pro are thought to be getting a total redesign, losing the iconic stem, placing all the same tech into a smaller, more rounded design, similar to competitors such as Samsung Galaxy Buds+ and Google Pixel Buds. Still including top notch ANC, wireless tech and microphones. Both new AirPods models are thought to include new wireless chips. Packing all the same tech into a more compact design has proven difficult for Apple.

AirPods Pro

The third generation entry-level AirPods are thought to be getting an AirPods Pro-like design. Much like the AirPods Pro Lite model we heard whispers of earlier this year, AirPods may be getting a shorter stem and replaceable tips, while ANC is still reserved for the more expensive Pro models. Hopefully, the new AirPods will also get an improved battery.

Both new AirPods models will join Apple’s other new audio products, such as HomePod mini – which starts shipping next month, AirPods Studio – Apple’s over-ear headphones hopefully debuted at a November event, but with continued delays in production look like they might get pushed back to 2021, and potentially a third mid-range HomePod, that’ll sit between the original HomePod at $299 and HomePod mini at $99. If not, we may see the original HomePod drop to around $199.

The companies latest move in ditching earbuds from the iPhone 12 box, may lead to an increase in AirPods sales.

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