Image Credit: Spotify

The music streaming service further their partnership with exercise company Peloton, providing all Spotify users with new playlists.

With working out as one of the top listening moments on the streaming service, both Spotify and Peloton know how important it is to find the right song and instructor for your workout. Last year Peloton Instructors Olivia Amato and Kendall Toole introduced two new guided musical fitness experiences, soundtracked by Spotify’s Power Hour playlist. Around two years ago, Spotify debuted a new feature within the Peloton app – Track Love, letting your save your favourite tunes during your workout.

Spotify are promoting Peloton’s new playlists with a new dedicated Curated by Peloton shelf within the Workout Hub. Here you will find seven curated playlists from Peloton’s world-class Instructors, including Running by Peloton, Tunde Oyeneyin’s Playlist, Strength by Peloton, Peloton’s VP of Fitness Programming, Robin Arzón, Tread and Strength Instructor Adrian Wiliams, Yoga Instructor Mariana Fernández, and Cycling and Strength Instructor Ally Love. This offers all music streamers a look inside the songs featured in Peloton’s classes. Regardless of whether you have any Peloton equipment or subscription, the music is perfect for any workout.

This come alongside new Spotify and Peloton curated co-branded workout classes, featuring songs from Spotify’s most popular playlists such as Today’s Top Hits, Door Knockers, Lofi Beats, Indigo and Baila Reggaeton.

Not sure where to get started, Peloton have a handy tool to help you find the right instructor based on your music tastes and workout goals. Find the quiz here for US, Canadian, Australian and UK users.

Spotify recently had a chat with one of Peloton’s most challenging and motivating Cycling and Bike Bootcamp Instructors Tunde Oyeneyin about the music that keeps her energized. Find the full interview here.