Image Credit: Karanyi Sounds

Polyscape is a synthesizer pad instrument that Karanyi states is “inspired by 90s liquid underground electronic music, synthwave artists, and classic 80s film scores such as Blade Runner by Vangelis or Terminator by Brad Fiedel”.

Polyscape is a new sample-based software instrument for Kontakt with a collection of 40 synth modules (patches) and over 90+ presets, offering “synthetic pads for creating large synth soundscapes for your tracks”.

The simple interface lets you blend these patches together easily and create your own sonic environments, and you can get it all for free for a limited time.

Karanyi Sounds introduce Polyscape

The synth modules of Polyscape are “full-length sampled synthesizer patches”, and the developer has divided them into 8 subcategories. These include StringsBrassReedsVoxKeysOrgansMorphs, and Specials

Strings and Brass speak for themselves, but Reeds are actually patches akin to flutes and woodwind sounds. Meanwhile, Keys includes sounds akin to acoustic & electric piano sounds, and Morph consists of orchestral analog sounds. Finally, Specials features “heavily designed sounds” that Karanyi states were recorded with either a VHS player or hardware effect processors.

Furthermore, Polyscape offers over 90 artists presets that they’ve categorized into Pads & Soundscapes, Strings & Sweeps, and Keys & Vintage Stuff. Karanyi describes the first as “huge and deep, to bright cinematic synth atmospheres”, the second as “classic synthesizer pads”, and the third as “classic 80s style analog synth keys”.

We handcrafted and recorded some amazing 80s – 90s vintage instrument patches from Sequential Circuits Prophet, Nord Lead 2x, Oberheim OB32 Organ Module, Matrix 1000 & Matrix 6 and modern instruments like Moog Subsequent 37, Dave Smith OB6 and Sequential Circuits REV2.

Karanyi Sounds

Additionally, Karanyi states that Polyscape is capable of “[producing] Sparkling ambiance, dystopian landscapes, [and] vintage synth beds.” The library contains carefully handcrafted patches from 9 analog synths such as Moogs, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, and Nord Lead. The synth shows what it’s made of when “creating subtle moving sublayers for any kind of music or extraordinary, long, grand, floating soundscapes”.


Polyscape is made for Kontakt 5 or later (Kontakt 5.8.1 format minimum), and all samples are lossless audio files.

You can download Polyscape right for free for a limited time, and the retail price will be $58.

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