House music artist Sander W. knows about starting your own record label, how to get added to Spotify playlists, and promoting other EDM music producers – so we asked him about it.

Nearly half a million monthly listeners on Spotify love producer Sander W.’s chill house music. At the time of our interview, he’d amassed over 95 million Spotify streams in total.

Sander’s self-disciplined dedication to creating music is the embodiment of the independent spirit we love to see from RouteNote artists. He also takes delight in lifting up other artists, running up-and-coming label Toneville Records with an aim to give producers a bump up to the next level of the music industry.

Right now Sander and long-time collaborator Sönnefelt are celebrating their new release, “My Mind (Ft. Samuel Miller)”. The song secured a position on RouteNote’s Catalyst playlist, alongside other chill house tracks curated by our team – browse them all here.

A big element of the dance track, out now on Toneville Records via RouteNote, is the skillful contrast between high and low throughout. Deep pulsing bass contrasts with melodic guitar harmonics, whilst octave mirroring in the simple vocals supplies a sweeter element. Give “My Mind” a spin, and see if you’re dancing even before the beat picks up!

So, what inspires Sander, how did he get started on his production journey, and how do we fit in here at RouteNote? Read on to find out.

Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Sander Wolfs. I’m a chill house music producer under the name Sander W. and I run my own independent music label called Toneville Records. I’m operating from Brussels, Belgium.

When I’m not in my studio, I love to clear my mind with sports like padel and soccer.

Name the last two songs you listened to.

“Summertime Sadness” by Y.V.E. 48, and “Medicine” by Lucas Estrada.

Are you a self-taught producer? How did you get started making music?

I started eight years ago, discovering Ableton by creating edits and mash ups for my previous DJ alias. That’s when my interest started to develop more. I checked out YouTube videos and tried to recreate existing songs.

I removed all my games from my laptop, keeping only Ableton as a program in order to push myself to become very familiar with the tool.

Tell us about Toneville Records. What are the best and the most challenging things about running a label?

The best thing about having an own imprint as a producer is that you have no filter on distributing new tracks.

I can fully decide which tracks I release and from this I was able to create my catalogue and artist profile.

These days it’s challenging to compete with other labels, and nowadays all labels have huge playlists and trade with other playlists.

That’s the reason why I decided to work together with only a small amount of artists – but building a long-term collaboration, instead of doing single releases from different small artists, since that’s less profitable. 

Getting a track playlisted on streaming services guarantees streams and introduces the song to countless new music lovers. Do you have any top tips for securing adds on editorial playlists?

I noticed that by releasing on a monthly basis and being consistent for some years will keep your monthly listeners high. In this way you also stay top-of-mind with your audience on Spotify

Keep your Spotify profile up-to-date, and of course the most important tip is to create music that is unique and qualitative.

DIY digital music distribution means that artists and producers no longer need to rely on major record label deals to be successful. How has RouteNote made releasing tracks easier?

It’s very easy to upload tracks on RouteNote, and if you have any problems you have a reply within one day from the RouteNote team to help you.

For me the best thing about RouteNote is that you also can split your profile with other artists and you don’t have to do that manually on your own.

We’re in the last quarter of 2022 already! What’s been your proudest achievement so far this year – big or small?

For me it’s always a great satisfaction if I see my track is booming on my own independent label.

For example, “Sneaking Out” and “Happy Ever After” are two tracks that were picked up by Spotify this year.

“Happy Ever After” was picked up by two editorial playlists, Tropical House and Feeling Good, Feeling Great.

Where do you want to be in five years?

I hope to be happy and healthy and I hope I can push my label to new boundaries. I love producing music, and as long as I can continue to do so I will be very grateful.

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