iHeartRadio have arrived in Canada to bring their incredibly popular free internet radio service to Canadians before launching their paid streaming services early next year.

Thanks to a partnership with broadcaster Bell Media iHeartMedia have launched their free internet radio streaming in Canada today. iHeartRadio is now available to Canada on iOS and Android and on computers from iHeartRadio.ca.

In Canada users will have access to a range of radio stations from music, to sports and news from Bell Media’s 105 licensed English and French stations. Users will also have access to iHeartRadio’s extensive music streaming library which users can create a custom radio stream with. It was recently revealed that iHeartRadio plan to make better use of their music offerings with 2 new paid streaming services from iHeartMedia expected to launch in January.

The president of entertainment production and broadcasting at Bell Media, Randy Lennox said: “iHeartRadio Canada harnesses the strength of Bell Media’s radio stations in addition to more than 100 exclusive, curated digital music stations, placing them all conveniently at the fingertips of every Canadian. iHeartRadio is an enormously successful brand that will represent Bell Media’s radio strategy in Canada, in many incarnations, including must-see live concerts, events, and more.”

iHeartRadio may not often be bundled into lists alongside the biggest streaming services because of it’s free platform and emphasis on radio but it’s user base is vast enough to stand next to powerhouses like Spotify. Just 2 months ago iHeartMedia announced 90 million registered users on iHeartRadio, not including the millions of users using the service that aren’t registered. Their app has also been downloaded more than 1 billion times.

With such an impressive force of fans and users iHeartRadio should see a good level of success with their upcoming paid streaming services, despite a market that has seen many newcomers in the scene and a fair few failures and buyouts.