Super Hi-Fi are teaming up with huge music services to make streaming feel natural and it’s catching on.

Super Hi-Fi have announced that they are now making over 1 billion transitions between songs on music services monthly. The emerging music company is working as an enhancer to the booming music streaming industry to make the gaps between tracks feel smoother and more natural.

Their main aim is to eliminate the, on average, five seconds of silence or ‘deadspace’ between tracks on digital services. With digital music, particularly streaming, now the most common way for many people around the world to listen to music they reckon it’s time we made the experience seamless.

Super Hi-Fi use a bunch of methods to stop silence ruining the mood of a playlist or the flow of an album. They use Artificial Intelligence tools to create segues in songs and stitch them together in a way that isn’t as jarring to the experience as 5 seconds of pure silence. Here’s a breakdown of what they can do:

Explaining their purpose, co-founder and CEO Zack Zalon says: “The future of streaming music is more than just playlists of songs with long gaps of silence. We’re using advanced technology to create very human experiences… tapestries of emotional listening that drives engagement, loyalty, and love.”

They’ve teamed up with major services like iHeart, Napster and Peloton as well as providing their Magic Stitch technology for the new Sonos Radio. The company has tripled the volume of transitions they’re providing since January and are only increasing.

Of reaching 1 billion audio transitions per month, Zalon said: “Our goal is to delight our customers and their listeners and this milestone certainly indicates that we’re on the right track.”