Huawei Music has launched in Europe to take on the plethora of music streaming services with over 50 million tracks.

Chinese phone, tech and software developers Huawei have launched a brand new music streaming service for Europe. They face fierce competition from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon, and the rest but they’re not worried.

They’ve got the support of the 3 major labels: Universal, Warner, and Sony who have all licensed their music catalogues for the new service. Overall Huawei Music offers European customers over 50 million tracks and 1.2 million albums.

The service has been live in China for years and, according to them, 160 million people around the world using their music app. It’s now available in 16 European countries and they’re planning further launches across Europe in the coming months.

Huawei Music is being offered for a 3-month trial period before users need to pay their €9.99 monthly subscription costs. Huawei’s Vice President of Mobile Services, Jervis Su says that they “hope it will bring some joy at this time”.

Su continues to say: “Huawei Music is [just] one of the mobile services we are rapidly building to offer the first real alternative to smartphone users in ten years.” These services, of course, work seamlessly with Huawei brand smartphones and tablets.

Whilst Huawei Music resembles what we’ve come to expect as standard from music streaming apps for the most part, it does feature a unique Party Mode. This mode makes listening social by connecting with others and playing the same songs at the same time wherever you are to the others.

Huawei Music is available now in the UK, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy Germany, Sweden and France.