Top 10 most followed non-editorial playlists on Spotify in 2022

What are the top 10 most followed playlists on Spotify from major labels and indie curators as of April 2022?

Top 10 most followed non-editorial playlists on Deezer in 2021

Playlist placement is big business in the music streaming industry, but the major playlists from the services themselves aren’t the only ones with millions of daily listeners.

Top 10 most followed non-editorial playlists on Apple Music in 2021

While Spotify’s most followed playlists are totally dominated by their own editorial lists, Apple Music’s top followed playlists have more variety from major labels and indie curators.

Huawei gets the approval of all 3 major labels for Spotify rivalling music app

Huawei Music has launched in Europe to take on the plethora of music streaming services with over 50 million tracks. Chinese phone, tech and software developers Huawei have launched a brand new music streaming service…

Apple Music sign new deals with major labels but maybe not the ones they wanted

Apple’s new deals with the Big Three record labels don’t equip them for Apple TV+ bundles as they probably hoped. The time of renewal was upon Apple Music to ensure that they could stream music…

Independent music is the fastest growing part of the industry

Thanks to the freedom of the internet and new platforms the power has shifted from major labels and into the hands of the artists in a new age for the music industry. Punk helped to…

Tencent Music’s deals with major labels are under investigation

The massive Chinese company could see their grip on China’s music industry lost as an antitrust watchdog reviews their deals. Tencent Music Entertainment represents the biggest music company in China, a subsidiary of the giant…

Bob Lefsetz Lets Us Know His Trends for 2019 – Decline of Major Labels and Hip-Hop

Bob Lefsetz (the famed music journalist) has published his latest Trends report. The report provides some interesting insights into what he sees happening over the next year or so. The major labels will lose power….

VKontakte, the “Russian Facebook” launch full music streaming service

The giant Russian social network VKontakte (VK) are taking on Spotify and Apple Music with the launch of their new music streaming service. After almost a year since they revealed their upcoming music streaming service,…