How to transfer your playlists and music library between streaming services

If you want to move to a different streaming service without losing your precious music collection and long-crafted playlists then thankfully there is a solution!

You may be dedicated to a streaming service for years in which time you collect a large collection of tracks you like, build playlists that serve every context, and all that music may simply be too much to transfer by hand.

For example: I had 15,000 tracks collected in my library on Google Play Music when I decided that I wanted to move to high definition service for CD quality audio. Losing my huge music collection was the only thing stopping me but thankfully I found a solution.

FreeYourMusic is a service that solves exactly this issue by transferring music between the top streaming services. As someone with such a huge library this service was a godsend – the service tallies up an estimate of how long it would take to transfer the music myself and they saved me 70 hours of searching and adding!

How does it work?

  • Download the FreeYourMusic app for desktop or iOS / Android
  • For free you can transfer 100 songs in 1 playlist
  • You can pay to transfer unlimited songs and playlists with lifetime updates
  • Sign up to a subscription and FreeYourMusic with automatically sync up all of your music and back it up in real time with more features coming soon
  • Sign into the services you want to transfer between and let it work it’s magic!

Because the service transfers playlists I simply had to create some playlists that I could add all of my library to and then select them to transfer. I did have some trouble getting it to work initially but they regularly update their apps and respond to your issues so if you face an issue get in touch with their helpful support team and keep an eye on the app which seems to update weekly.

Services FreeYourMusic works with: 

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    As for me, to transfer my Apple Musia playlists to Spotify, I got help from the tool named DRmare Audio Converter Downloader. It also works with iTunes music, Audible audiobooks, etc.

    If you are anything like the staff at Smart Home Sounds you may have spent ages curating your favourite personal playlists. Workout, Chill, It’s Friday, the list goes on. Thankfully, Stamp has given us a way to transfer all our exciting playlists from service to service. Transferring playlists is also a great way of finding out what music is not available on each service.

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