RouteNote gives you the chance to start your own record label and make your artists money on Spotify, Tidal, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, and many more.

With RouteNote’s digital music distribution you can easily set up a label with the opportunity to get your artists’ music on all the biggest stores. Through RouteNote you can upload unlimited albums, EPs, and singles for free and put them on the world’s biggest digital platforms to reach audiences worldwide.

RouteNote offers an unmatched free service and you always keep 100% ownership of your music, we never take copyright we just help you get heard and paid!

Why should you distribute your Label through RouteNote?

  • Easily get your music on the biggest digital stores and music streaming services for FREE
  • You keep 85% of all profits (we also have a Premium tier that allows you to keep 100% of profits for a reasonable upfront charge)
  • View all your releases and statistics on your RouteNote account
  • You and your artists always keep 100% of your rights
  • No commitments – Our platform allows you to manage your releases and the stores you’ve distributed to at anytime. Opt-out anytime, we will never stop you from leaving (though we hope you’ll never want to!)
  • YouTube Content ID – We allow the option of putting your music into YouTube’s Content ID system so that no-one on YouTube makes money off of your music without your consent
  • Free UPCs/EANs and ISRCs on your releases
  • Earn even more with our referral system – refer a friend and you take a percentage of OUR cut, and your friend still keeps their 85%
  • Optional mastering on upload from Landr
  • Many more benefits!

Start your journey to becoming a global music label and sign up at today.

If you’d like to find out more head to our website or get in contact with us at Facebook and Twitter.

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