How to start a label online

Indie labels are booming right now. But how do you start a record label? We’ve gathered a few ideas.

How much money is 1 billion streams?

There are currently over 100 songs on Spotify with over one billion streams, but how much are these artists earning from streaming services.

What does “indie record label” mean?

There’s more room in the music world for successful indie labels than ever before. But what does an independent record label do?

Warner Music are in trouble over their hacked website

Warner Music Group’s commercial websites were recently affected by huge hacks and now they are named in a class-action lawsuit over the issue. Earlier this month it was discovered that Warner Music Group’s commercial websites…

Spotify for Artists’ new roster view makes pitching for Labels a breeze

Record Labels who manage their artists using Spotify for Artists have a great new way to manage their artists’ upcoming releases to top playlists. Spotify for Artists have added a new Roster View for record…

Do you need a record label in 2020?

Whilst a label can do a lot of great things for you as an artist, they can also be restrictive and sometimes fatal for your career. With RouteNote you always stay in complete control of…

How to get a record deal

Where getting a record deal was the only way to make it big twenty plus years ago, the industry is changing. People are making big bucks from their bedroom.

Tencent now own 10% of Universal Music Group following a drawn-out deal

Chinese conglomerate and major presence in music in Asia, Tencent have set their sets to the West with acquisitions. A long awaited deal has finally been completed that puts Tencent Holdings in an even bigger…

Apple Music sign new deals with major labels but maybe not the ones they wanted

Apple’s new deals with the Big Three record labels don’t equip them for Apple TV+ bundles as they probably hoped. The time of renewal was upon Apple Music to ensure that they could stream music…