With RouteNote you can upload your music to YouTube’s Content ID system and keep 100% of the revenues generated.

YouTube Content ID scans the entire video platform for any instances of your music being used. Once a match is found, the video will be monetized and the revenue will go straight into your RouteNote account.

Many distributors charge an additional fee or higher percentage cut for additional services such as YouTube Content ID. With RouteNote it’s simple. We have two models:

  • RouteNote Free – Zero fees or recurring costs – You keep 85% of all revenue generated across stores
  • RouteNote Premium – $10 per single, $20 per EP, $30 per album and $45 per extended album, plus $9.99 annually – You keep 100% of all revenue generated across stores

You are never locked in with RouteNote. You can easily switch between RouteNote Free or RouteNote Premium on a release-by-release basis.

Some types of releases can’t be uploaded to YouTube Content ID, Facebook or Instagram. See the full list here.

Sign up and get distributing through RouteNote today.