Rewind twenty years and the only way to get your music out there and make an impact is to pray a label comes across your music and likes your style. But the times are changing.

With the advent of social media, streaming services and digital distributors it’s easier than ever to make a real impact on the music industry without the need for big money or big name connections.

Advantages of going independent
  • 100% control – You keep 100% of the rights to your music. With RouteNote you decide what stores and territories to upload your music to. Make updates or takedown your music as and when you like.
  • Creative freedom – Don’t find yourself making commecial music to appease the label. RouteNote accept all types of original music, no matter the genre.
  • Speed – Finish your track, send it to your label, make adjustments, send it back, get placed on the waiting list… Alternatively, upload your music to RouteNote, wait a few days* and find your music on stores and streaming services. *COVID-19 delays.
  • No nasty cuts – Maximise your revenue. Say no to label’s unacceptable percentage share.
  • Zero upfront or recurring costs – With RouteNote you can upload your music to all major stores and streaming services free of charge, while keeping 85% of the revenue generated. Choose premium distribution and keep 100% for a small fee.
Get sharing and upload your music to RouteNote today.

For those that prefer to put all of their efforts into the creative art of music, here are our tips on getting heard by label execs.