Hello RouteNote users,

We wanted to reach out and let you know what’s happening at RouteNote as there are lots of questions surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic currently.

First of all, we will be continuing operations as usual and you will still be able to release all of your music as always. There may be a slight delay in how quickly we can respond sometimes but we want to assure you that RouteNote is still up and running and you can carry on releasing your music on all of your favourite stores during the current situation, as usual.

Our team are still dedicated to getting your music online and our support team are there for any issues or questions that you have at support@routenote.com.

Secondly, we appreciate any concern about our wellbeing within the team. You care about us like we care about you and we want to assure you that we’ve done everything we can to ensure that the whole team are healthy, happy and able to respond to these events without impacting on our ability to keep giving you the services you use and love.

Lastly, we know how difficult the coming months may be for many musicians. Gig cancellations are already having a big impact on artists and performers worldwide.

There are many resources out there to help you through and you should seek out the advice of officials local to you. We have a post with a little guidance on reacting as an artist to the next few months: https://routenote.com/blog/a-little-advice-for-performing-artists-during-coronavirus-setbacks/

It is our pleasure to work with all of you and your music and we care about your wellbeing. So keep your ears open to what governments and health experts are saying and stay safe out there.

The wonderful power of music will keep us all connected and entertained around the world. And hey; self-isolating sounds like the perfect time to pick up the keyboard, plug in the guitar, load up some software and create some sweet new music!

The music community is a wonderful thing and we will all stay together through this.


The RouteNote team