With competition increasing in the region, native Indian streamers JioSaavn are slashing their prices to compete.

JioSaavn was created last year as a hybrid of India’s two favourite online music services, JioMusic and Saavn. The partnership created one of the world’s most powerful digital music forces worth over $1 billion and with a massive price drop for their services they will surely now only get bigger.

Spotify’s recent launch in India has raised the stakes for competition in India’s booming music streaming industry. JioSaavn have cut their Pro subscription costs by as much as 75% in response to their new competition with Spotify, as well as other Western services that have launched there in recent years.

The plan which was originally available at 999 rupees a year is now going for just 299 rupees for a years subscription. This is an incredible offer, with a Pro subscription to JioSaavn offering ad-free music streaming and unlimited downloads with simultaneous listening for up to 5 devices.

JioSaavn music streaming india price plan pro subscription discount

After the first year the charge will raise to 399 rupees but is still a massive discount on their price before. With the changes to their price plans JioSaavn have gotten rid of all short term plans except for their monthly subscription for 99 rupees. Daily, weekly, and 3-month plans are no longer available.

With YouTube Music’s recent launch in the region as well Western streamers are clearly trying to get in on the rapidly growing market of digital music in India. Discounts like this will help JioSaavn to keep their influence in their home-country.