How do you use Deezer on more than one device?

Is it possible to stream music on multiple devices at the same time with Deezer Premium?

How to stream Pandora on multiple devices simultaneously?

Is it possible to listen to music with a Pandora Plus or Premium account on more than one device at a time?

Can I share YouTube Music with a friend?

Is it possible to stream music on two devices at the same time with a YouTube Music Premium subscription?

Is it possible to listen to Amazon Music Unlimited on more than one phone?

How many phones can I sign in, download and listen to music on with an Amazon Music Unlimited subscription?

How can I listen to music on TIDAL on more than one device?

Utilising offline listening, you can simultaneously listen to TIDAL on up to six accounts at once with an individual Premium account.

Spotify rolls out Apple Watch support with no phone

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The iPod Shuffle for Spotify now has Amazon Music

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Does simply starting a song count? What if you have it on replay? Do offline streams count? These Qs and more answered below. How exactly do Spotify classify ‘one play’ or ‘one stream’ of a…