How To Distribute Content ID For Free

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With Content ID on YouTube and Facebook, anytime your music is used in videos we’ll be able to ensure you are earning your rightful revenues from it.. for FREE.

With us, at RouteNote you can distribute your music to all the top streaming services in the world including, Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon, TIDAL, Deezer, Apple Music, MelOn, Tencent, and many many more. This is a service that is completely free!

In addition to this, we also provide protection and monetization for your music when it’s used by other people. Content ID on YouTube and Facebook ensures that any time your music is used we can ensure you are earning your rightful revenues from it. 

Before we talk about how our service works it’s best to know and understand what and how Content ID works for both Facebook and YouTube. 

What is Content ID and how does it work? 

Content ID is an automated system that works on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. It ensures that the rights of musicians and creators are protected. It identifies where and when your music has been used, whether a short snippet to the full thing. Once identified there are a number of options, you can block it, track it, or claim its monetization. The last option is the most commonly used as it means the original creator of the music can be paid correctly for their work. 

However, to be eligible for the Content ID you must own exclusive rights to the music you’ve created. 

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How Does RouteNote Help With Content ID? 

It’s very simple! All you have to do is upload your music to Content ID with us we collect earnings every time someone uses your music, give you monthly statistics and give you 85% of your earnings all for free! This covers usage on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. What’s more, is that if your video is earning more than you thought you can upgrade to premium and keep 100% of the money your music makes. 

So, when you upload your music to RouteNote, simply click on the YouTube and Facebook buttons and we’ll do the rest. 

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