At RouteNote, we have two programs that can help you monetize your music and videos on YouTube. Which benefits you the most?

Simply put, YouTube Content ID will help you monetize your music across all of YouTube, while YouTube Network will help you monetize your videos on your YouTube channel.

YouTube Content ID

When you upload your music to YouTube’s Content ID system, they will scan every video on their platform for instances of your music. Should your music be found in someone’s video, you can start collecting revenue.

This feature isn’t for everyone and your music may not be eligible for YouTube CID. The music must be entirely your own creation and contain no samples, creative commons or public domain audio, not a karaoke or sound-a-like, and not meditation music.

YouTube Content ID is available to everyone for distribution through RouteNote at no extra cost. Content ID is open to all artists who own the full rights to their musical content, making Content ID the perfect solution for smaller artists looking to monetize their music videos. Just select YouTube Content ID in the ‘Select Stores’ section of your release.

FaceBook/Instagram have a similar system in place. We offer distribution to these platforms too for free.

YouTube Network

Joining YouTube’s Partner Programme and RouteNote’s Multi-Channel Network allows you to collect revenue by monetizing videos on your YouTube channel. Note, your channel must hit some key targets before you can apply to YPP:

  • 1000+ subscribers
  • 4000+ public watch hours in the last 12 months

Once you’ve hit the targets and joined, head to RouteNote to become part of our MCN.

Distribution to RouteNote and both of these services is free, with no fees or recurring costs. Artists keep 85% of the revenue. Premium distribution is also available, allowing you to keep 100% of the revenue for a small fee.