Once your music is up on streaming services, which you can do for free with RouteNote, you can take control of your profile to customise it and get in-depth, real-time statistics on many of the top services.

Spotify for Artists

Get access to your artist page on Spotify and customise your bio, artist image, featured picks as well as having access to deep analytics on your music performance.

Pandora AMP

AMP gives you access to powerful insights about your music and how people are listening to you and provides you with unique tools to promote your music, merchandise, and more.

Deezer Backstage

Gain in-depth data about your streaming performance and the audiences who are listening to your music. Backstage also gives you control over your artist profile so that you can customise it to give listeners an insight into you as an artist.

Apple Music for Artists

Get an overview of your music’s plays on Apple Music and how people are listening to with overviews of the playlists it features in and which tracks are getting the most hits. Track trends, customise your profile, and even see how many people are Shazam-ing your music.

Amazon Music for Artists

This nifty app opens up all of the statistics you could want about how your music is being heard on Amazon Music. You also gain insights into how people are finding your music using Alexa for a completely unique look at voice control with your tunes.


If your music is on YouTube then the best thing you can do is get an Official Artist Channel which gives you control over the place where all your music comes together like a YouTube Channel. We have a guide for that here.


There is no direct way for artists to customise their artist profile on TIDAL but if you’ve distributed your music through RouteNote you can get in touch with us to update your artist bio and profile image. We have more info on this here.