Meta just announced two new features for their text-based Twitter competitor app, Threads. Edit and Voice Threads are rolling out now!

This is the latest move in increasing the number of features to compete closely with X (previously Twitter). Just a few weeks ago, Threads launched profile switching, to quickly change between logins. We are still hoping for the following features: post scheduling, hashtags, translation, access in the EU and account deletion, without also deleting your Instagram profile.

How to edit Threads and comments

First up is Edit. For up to five minutes after posting a Thread or comment, you can make changes, great for fixing a typo or adding a photo. Edited posts will show a small pencil icon to show changes have been made.

To edit a post or reply, simply tap the three dots menu on the right side of the screen, then tap Edit, make your desired changes and finally tap Post.

How to post Voice Threads

In a new move compared to other social media platforms, Threads are bringing Voice Notes to social feeds. Anyone can share a Voice Thread to the feed or reply to posts with their voice. Voice Threads are automatically transcribed in the caption. When viewed by other, Voice Threads are muted by default. Simply tap to play aloud. Why not share previews of your next big tune?

To post a Voice Thread, start a new post or reply to a comment, tap the new microphone icon beside the image icon, then press and hold or tap the big red record button to start recording. You can record up to 29 seconds of audio. Once you’re happy with your recording, you can preview it and change the text if necessary. Finally, tap Post.