With RouteNote, free distribution is easy, as well as several other key tools for independent artists and labels.

Choose RouteNote for the easiest, quickest and cheapest tools for independent artists and labels.

Music Distribution

RouteNote can distribute your music to all the top stores and streaming services online, such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer and many more. We have two very simple pricing options; Free Distribution with zero fees or recurring costs, while artists keep 85% of the revenue, or Premium Distribution that costs a small fee, while artists keep 100% of the revenue.

Simply sign up to RouteNote, send us your audio files, input the metadata, choose the stores and streaming services, then pick Free Distribution or Premium Distribution. Your music will be pumped into the headphones of our moderation team, who will glady fix any formatting errors or ask for additional info. All being well, a few days later your music will start appearing on your chosen platforms.

We believe the artist should always stay in control of their content. Artists always keep 100% of the rights to their music.

Social Media Monetization

On top of regular music distribution, RouteNote can also distribute your music to many social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and TikTok. Once on these platforms, you music will start gathering revenue for ever view the track or video gets. All you need to do is select the appropriate platform during distribution.

Marketing Tools

Our partner site PUSH.fm is dedicated to promoting your music across platforms, with three free campaign tools: Fan Links, Pre-saves and Content Unlocks. Fan Links combine all of the service that host your music onto one customisable landing page. Pre-saves allow you to share your music prior to release day, helping boost your engagement (a key statistics streaming services consider when playlisting). Content Unlocks gives you an easy way to reward your loyal fans by providing downloadable content or secret codes in exchange for social actions, such as a free MP3 download in exchange for a Like on Facebook. All three campaign tools are free for all artists.

Statistics & Payments

Statistics and earnings hit your RouteNote account monthly. Statistics detail exactly how many streams and how much each track has earned on each stores. Payment can be quickly transferred to a bank or PayPal account.