As Gemini’s power expands they’re looking to build on the services they work with, potentially bringing Spotify integration next.

In a recent leak of code believed to be from Google’s AI chatbot Gemini, clues have emerged suggesting potential integration with the popular music streaming service Spotify. This integration could see the first of many tech services integrated into Google’s AI.

Whilst Google has not officially confirmed the leak, experts analysing the code have discovered intriguing references to Spotify’s Application Programming Interface (API). This API allows external applications to interact with Spotify’s features and data.

In May, users were able to activate YouTube Music as a Gemini extension. This integration enabled results and playback from YouTube Music to questions and prompts within the AI chatbot. That feature has now gone live. Presumably, Spotify integration would act similarly but would mark the first non-google owned platform to integrate.

How could Gemini work with Spotify?

The leaked code hints at several possibilities for Gemini and Spotify integration. Here’s what Spotify (and future music services) may be able to do in Gemini:

  • Enhanced Music Search: Imagine using Gemini to ask for recommendations based on mood, genre, or even specific lyrics you can’t quite remember. Gemini could leverage Spotify’s vast music library to deliver personalised results.
  • Smarter playlists: Gemini might analyse your listening habits and curate dynamic playlists that adapt to your preferences over time.
  • Voice-controlled music: The integration could enable users to control Spotify playback through voice commands, making hands-free music management a reality.

Neither Google nor Spotify has officially commented on the leak or the potential integration. However, the presence of Spotify API references in the leaked code has certainly sparked speculation and excitement among tech enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

The potential integration of Gemini and Spotify represents a significant step forward in AI-powered music experiences. With Google’s advanced language processing capabilities combined with Spotify’s massive music library, users could soon have a more intuitive and personalised way to discover and enjoy music.

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