Artists streaming on YouTube could be earning more for their music with sync royalties and at RouteNote we’re here to help artists earn all of the royalties that they’re entitled to.

Sync Royalties are generated for music that is set to moving image. Sync Licenses in popular media are agreed upon between Film and TV producers and the artists or their representatives whenever they use music in their content. It’s not widely known but the same basis for revenues applies to video content online, and artists could be earning more for their music on YouTube.

The royalties generated through Synchronization on YouTube are called micro-sync royalties. Whilst very similar, micro-sync royalties are set apart because they are generated on a per-stream basis on publicly available content online.

How can artists earn YouTube micro-sync royalties?

With us at RouteNote, artists are able to upload their music to YouTube’s Content ID system for free. Once music is in the Content ID system, YouTube are able to scan all videos on their site to identify any uses of music and then pay the ad-revenue from those videos to the rights-owner of the music.

The YouTube Content ID service that we currently offer to users distributes royalties when the sound recording of a song is used in a video. This new service will collect micro sync royalties for the use of the composition of the song as well.

To apply for micro-sync collection on your tracks on YouTube, fill out our form here:

How do creators get a YouTube Sync license?

Thanks to YouTube’s Content ID system, creators are able to use a lot of music without any agreements or contract between them and the copyright holder. Once YouTube recognises the track you’ve used it will credit the artist automatically in the description of the video and the ad-revenues for the video will be distributed to the rightsholders of the music. This has allowed independent creators to create content with the soundtrack of their choice whilst ensuring artists still get paid.

This will be the case for any artists who have distributed their music to Content ID through RouteNote. It is best to always check wherever possible with original artist or label of any music that you are using whether you are allowed to use it any videos you upload. Some tracks may require an agreement outside of the Content ID system and some tracks will not be allowed for use regardless.