FL Studio Mobile 3
FL Studio Mobile 3’s gorgeous design

FL Studio Mobile (FLM) has been a great alternative to the desktop DAW, allowing you to create multi-track projects on the go and Image-Line recently announced their massive update coming to the application soon.

The application has been completely re-written from the ground up and it’s so different that FL Studio are giving you the option to update or stay with the old design (by not updating).

FLM 3 has been designed around the feature-set of what you would expect to use on a modern desktop DAW by incorporating lots of new features and changes suggested by users over the last 3 years.

According to their press release FLM 3’s similarities to FLM 2 end at the Playlist tracks (a standard feature of DAWs). Each of FLM 3’s Playlist tracks has a rack containing instrument and effect plugins with automation-clip style tracks just as in FL Studio for desktop.

FLM 3 also features a new Step-sequencer sampler instrument, a multi-sample player instrument, synthesizer plugins (such as MiniSynth) and multiple effect plugins and you can choose any or all of these to use on every Playlist track.

A common complaint for the FL Studio Mobile application in the past has been that the app for Android was far behind the iOS app due to complications with streamlining on two different engines but with the release of FL Mobile 3 Android, iOS, Windows App and FL Plugin will all have the same feature set.

There isn’t an exact date for release but Image-Line have said that they plan to start alpha/beta testing over the next few months.

For now FL Mobile 2.5 for iOS and 2.0.3 for Android has been released and will be the last updates before FLM 3, here’s what’s new in those updates:


64-bit support
Inter-App Audio
iCloud Drive
Polyphony increased to 128
Bug fixes
FLM 3 announcement popup


Bug fixes
FLM3 announcement popup