After a successful launch on Instagram and WhatsApp, Meta expands their messaging feature Broadcast Channels to Facebook and Messenger.

Announced and launched on Instagram and WhatsApp earlier this year, although many users have been getting annoyed with the barrage of requests to join, Broadcast Channels have generally been a positive experience.

Broadcast Channels are a public, one-to-many messaging feature, allowing only the creator to message with text, images, videos, voice notes, questions, polls, GIFs and stickers. Audiences who join can see messages, react, answer questions and vote in polls.

The new feature enables a more personal means of communication between creators and audiences. With messages showing up right in their inbox and as push notifications, Broadcast Channels are great for sharing the latest info with your most-dedicated fans. Musicians like Bad Bunny have been finding inventive ways to share new tracks with fans on WhatsApp.

Meta are currently testing the feature on Facebook and Messenger in various markets. We should see the feature roll out broadly in the coming weeks. Page managers can request early access here.

Image Credit: Facebook

Once you’ve gained access to the feature, managers of Facebook Pages can create Broadcast Channels from the Facebook or Messenger app. Once the Channel has been created and the first message is sent, followers will receive a one-time notification to join. If they choose to join, they’ll receive a notification for every new message that’s sent, but these can be muted.

Joined channels and suggested channels will show in a separate tab in the Messenger app.

In terms of which platforms are best for what types of content remains to be seen. To test out Broadcast Channels, if they are available on Facebook and Messenger in your area, here are some for you to check out:

Join the RouteNote Instagram Broadcast Channel here.

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