A new way to share music on Instagram makes Reels more alive than ever before for a hotter spotlight on songs.

Instagram have added a new way to share the music that you love (or that you made!) with the world. They’re introducing captions to music that allows creators to overlay their Reels with lyrics from the song.

You can have your favourite lyrics animate over whatever your video is in time to the song. It’s a fantastic new way to make music pop when you share it on Instagram: A great way to share the music you love or even promote the music you’ve created and added to Instagram Reels.

Customise the appearance of the lyrics by choosing the font style and positioning the captions where you want. You can bring the song to life whilst shaping the way it’s presented around your video content.

How to add music captions to your Instagram Reels:

  1. Tap “Reel”
  2. Record your “Reel”
  3. Tap the music icon
  4. Select a song
  5. Hit the “Aa” font style you like for the captions
  6. Position where you want the lyrics to show up
  7. Share and enjoy

In addition, Instagram have added new templates that allow you to discover and reuse the elements that other creators have in their videos. They have also recently added the option to add “collaborators” to a post, and share your Reels with only your “Close Friends” list.

How to add your music to Instagram Reels

Add your music to the Instagram Reels library to share it with the world. Once your music is in their library, creators everywhere can use your songs in their content. This gives your music the opportunity to go viral, be heard around the world, and to be used in the latest trends.

What’s more, every time your music is used in a Reel, you get paid! You can add your music to Instagram Reels completely free. Whilst you’re at it, why not send your songs to all of the world’s other top music services at no cost?

Here’s how to add your music to Instagram Reels:

  1. Sign up for free at www.routenote.com
  2. Head to ‘Distribution’
  3. Click ‘Create New Release’
  4. Upload your music, artwork, and details
  5. Select Instagram and any other services for distribution
  6. Send it to our team who will review it to ensure it’s all correct
  7. Your music will be sent to all of your selected stores!

Distribute your music worldwide for free at www.routenote.com today.