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WhatsApp Channels and Instagram Broadcast Channels are already being used to exclusively announce and tease new content.

WhatsApp Channels, the new feature from the Meta-owned messaging app, launched earlier this year. Much like Instagram Broadcast Channels (also a Meta app), WhatsApp Channels are one-to-many messaging groups, that allow the admin to share text posts, photos, videos, stickers and polls with their followers. Followers get updates on the same app as messages from friends.

This messaging appearance gives fans a deeper connection than traditional social media posts or email newsletters, while giving creators a means to reach out to their most dedicated audience, as easily as texting a friend. Now it seems musicians are starting to see the benefits of Channels, by exploring sending out exclusive and early-access content.

One such artist is Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny. After creating his WhatsApp Channel just two weeks ago, he has already gained over 13 million followers. This marks Bad Bunny as the 2nd most-followed individual on WhatsApp and the 5th most popular Channel overall.

Bad Bunny isn’t just sitting on this Channel but has taken the opportunity to promote his upcoming music. On the 20th September, he announced a new track, writing the following.

Which roughly translates to English as:

good morning
God helps those who get up early and those who don’t get their asses wrinkled.
What do they do?
Well, do you remember that I was going to tell you something? well…
I don’t know if this makes you happy or what… but I’m going to release one more song this year 🙂
and it will be out before the end of September

Then, a few days later, last Sunday Bad Bunny previewed the track with a 17-second snippet, before sharing a link to streaming services come launch day. The new reggaeton single is titled “UN PREVIEW”. It is his first solo single since dropping “Where She Goes” in May earlier this year.

You can find, browse and follow Channels in the new Updates tab on WhatsApp.

Take these lessons and go forward! WhatsApp Channels has the potential to be a powerful new promo tool. Find out how to create your own Channel here.