Does it cost to upload to Spotify?

Is it free to upload to Spotify? Yes, as long as you have a music distributor you can trust.

Does it cost to upload to Spotify? No. It won’t cost you anything if you upload your music to Spotify using RouteNote. We offer unlimited free music distribution, putting your music on Spotify and all the top music streaming platforms and download stores, without it costing you a penny.

Artists can’t upload music directly onto Spotify themselves. To release your music on streaming services you need a music distributor.

Different digital music distributors will charge you varying amounts to release your music online. The thing to watch out for is hidden fees. Is your apparently cost-free music distribution actually going to cost you more in the long run?

At RouteNote we offer free distribution to Spotify. You get unlimited uploads to streaming services around the world. We protect your music rights on YouTube and monetise your music on social media with no extra charges.

There’s no fees involved – once your music starts earning royalties, you keep 85% of all revenue.

Trust and transparency are important to us. You’re never locked into a contract, and at all times you’re free to switch distributor or move to our Premium distribution. Premium, by the way, lets you keep 100% of the revenue you earn, in exchange for a small upfront free and yearly charge.

Again, transparency is key. You always keep all the rights to your music.

We’ve been supporting independent artists and indie record labels since 2007. Find out more here and upload your music to Spotify for free with RouteNote today and start earning money from your music.

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