Image Credit: Gomi

Gomi Speaker is an environmentally-friendly portable speaker made from 100 plastic bags, powered by upcycled e-bike batteries.

Brighton based company Gomi design phone chargers and speakers from non-recyclable plastic waste. Gomi are partnering with American transportation company Lime, to use batteries from damaged e-bikes to power their new sustainable portable speaker. As part of its ‘Ride Green’ initiative and commitment to achieve Net Zero by 2030, Lime are providing Gomi with 50,000 cells from over 1,000 e-bikes. The zero-waste Gomi Speaker is made from around 100 plastic bags that would otherwise end up in landfill. Gomi Speaker hit Kickstarter yesterday and has already shot past its goal.

Image Credit: Gomi

Housed in the speaker is a 25W mono neodymium driver with a powerful bass radiator. Pair two for a stereo system with “mind-blowing sound quality”, from your phone, laptop or tablet via Bluetooth at up to 10 metres range. The product weighs in at 800g.

Gomi Speaker Top
Image Credit: Gomi

Button atop the speaker control volume and power, with an LED battery level indicator. The battery will provide 20 hours of music playback, with USB-C fast charging available to top the speaker up. An aluminium dust cover protects the charging and AUX input on the rear. The speaker is water and dust resistant. A recycled plastic carry cord allows you to easily attach Gomi Speaker to a bag.

Image Credit: Gomi

The modular design makes swapping parts easy for repair. Gomi are promising repairs-for-life with their return service.

Gomi Speaker comes in Black & White, Blue Ocean, Lime Green and Birthday Cake. Each comes in a unique marble pattern. Gomi Speaker will retail for £179, but is discounted to Kickstarter backers. After launching yesterday, all 50 Super Early Bird speakers at £99 have sold out. Currently available are Early Bird speakers for £129 at 27% off the full price, or a two pack for £240. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter has over £12,000 (over $17,000), smashing its £4,000 ($5,582) goal from 90 backers in just one day. The project still has 28 days to go. Shipping is estimated to begin in October 2021, with products hopefully in hand before Christmas.

Find the Gomi Speaker on Kickstarter.

We designed the Gomi Speakers to be a breath of fresh air into the world of environmentally-friendly consumer tech. We’re the first company to create fully-circular tech products made from post-consumer waste materials that would usually end up in landfill, giving them a second life. We’re on a mission to prove that tech can be environmentally-friendly, fully-circular, whilst also being high-performance and aesthetic.

Tom Meades, co-founder, Gomi

We’re really excited to see how Gomi has managed to give a new, second life to our old batteries. Their technical expertise and innovative product line offers an exciting opportunity to re-use parts that would otherwise have been recycled, and turn them into stylish everyday essentials that will last a lifetime.

Andrew Savage, Vice President of Sustainability, Lime