Deezer’s new app on Samsung Smart TVs brings high fidelity music with lyrics and podcasts to the living room

Global music streaming service Deezer overhaul their app for Samsung TV’s Tizen OS, bringing music and podcasts to Free and Premium users.

Deezer have seen a 61% increase in podcast streams

Deezer’s 2021 podcast trends show ‘TED Talks Daily’, ‘Culture & Society’ and France among the most popular shows, genres and countries.

Deezer brings the Podcasts Tab to Asia, Africa and Oceania

Podcasts on Deezer are now available in over 180 countries after launching the Podcast Tab in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Deezer’s new Analytics app takes podcaster’s deep insider their performance

Deezer have launched a fresh new app that gives podcast creators deep insights into how each of their episodes performs, who’s listening, and more! Deezer have just launched Analytics, a brand new app that offers…

Deezer’s new ‘Black Culture’ channel shines a spotlight on black creators

Deezer’s new channel will feature hundreds of tracks and podcasts from black artists around the globe at a prescient time for black awareness. The new ‘Black Culture’ channel is now available for Deezer users wherever…