Devialet want to save the planet by getting rid of car subs but not fat bass

Makers of some of the most interesting egg-shaped speakers of recent years, Devialet are laying out their plans for in-car audio.

We’ve gotten hands on with Devialet’s creations before. The French company have made their name for their compact speakers which carry a big sound, pushing out up to 4,500 watts with a speaker you can fit on your bedside table.

Their recent work has seen them partner up with other companies to expand their love of music technology outside of their own speaker shells. Last month they announced their partnership with Belkin in the form of a smart speaker-cum-wireless phone charger. Now they’re revealing their plans for in-car audio.

At CES 2020 Devialet put their new plans on display. They hope to change audio systems in cars, not by expanding but by taking away. Taking away the subwoofer to be precise – sacrilege right?

Well not with their design, which they promise offers the same bass we all know and love without a weighty woofer weighing the car down and in-turn increasing its fuel consumption.

Their ‘Premium’ Devialet system uses their own powerful sound technologies to create an impressive low end without the need for a sub. Whathifi managed to get a demo of the system used in an Audi Q5 and said: “If anything the sub-less system managed to extract just as much and even more in the way of bass detail and weight.”

Their process is capable of accurately reproducing 3D sound too, if that technology ends up kicking off and being sought after. They’re currently in talks with car manufacturers to discuss placing their system in new models and they have a good pitch behind them.

Cheaper manufacturing, better sounding audio systems, and better for fuel consumption? What’s not to like.

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