Collab with friends on playlists on YouTube Music now

You and your friends can now come together and build your dream playlists collaboratively on YouTube Music wherever you are.

The next couple of months will see the end of Google Play Music as it is completely replaced by YouTube Music. With the total switchover imminent, Google have been packing YouTube Music with features to entice users new and old to join the fledgling music service.

Collaborative playlists are now available to create and share for any YouTube Music users. This feature allows multiple users to contribute to the same playlist so that you can build playlists with friends and family or even total strangers who you share tastes with.

To share a playlist with others you need to tap the menu button next to a playlist and then select Edit. In the drop down menu will be an option to select Collaborate for your playlist so that it is visible and customisable by other users. You can then share a link with others to get involved together on your playlists.

If you’re a Google Play Music user who doesn’t want to lose their library and playlists then you still have a few months to transfer your library over. We’ve shared some information on how to do that here.

Google are planning to phase Google Play Music out in the next couple of months and will end transfer opportunities at the end of the year.

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